Brilliant Betty

Brilliant Betty
Betty belonged to Liliana's daughter Rose, and Liliana had cast the daughter to help her improve her born skills of kinetic connection.
Rose has always had extrasensory skills, and Liliana wanted to see her advance these powers.... so she gave Betty to her for her birthday.
Betty, unknowing to Rose, invoked many charges of energies into the girl, which allowed her internal assets of born abilities to radiate for her!
Rose is now a Magnum Mistress of the Occult, and helps bring healing and forces of unique powers forward to those in need.
Betty will grant the person who brings her home the same skill set of relinquishment that she ignited within Rose.
If you take care of Betty, she will take care of you!
You will be granted: the opening of your third eye,  access to the askahic records; you will be able to stimulate your crown chakra; increase, and strengthen, your spirit communication; gain past life memories; and deepen your lucid dreams to showcase where your life will lead you (in this body and in future lives).
She is an amazing enlightened doll that can truly change your life~!!
Do NOT miss out on getting her, as her past is filled with divine channels of power!
Brilliant Betty
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