Book of the Mage

This piece is extra powerful, because of the ancient teachings that it encompasses.  When you use this piece it does what is known as a rebirth.  This simply means that there is a unoccupied soul waiting for you to activate this piece, so that its powers can be redistributed and awakened.  The soul in this case is one of an ancient magician who was created using a book to which he still holds ties.  This book is formally known as The Book of Abramelin the Mage, Esoteric Grimoire ofKabbalistic Knowledge.  We call it the Book of the Mage for short.  
This book holds hundreds of spells, forms of magic, powers, and abilities.  It was the original birthing place of the soul you will be rebirthing.  The Book of the Mage was written by a person who who was known as Abraham of Worms.  I have yet to figure out why he had this nickname, but that's what he was called.  He was  German Jew, which I also find ironic.  He lived between the 14th and 15th centuries.  The Book of the Mage involves the passing of Abraham's magic to his son,Lamech.  
The book begins with the death of Abraham's father.  Before his death, Abraham's father gave him signs and instructions having to deal with the way to acquire the true power of the Holy Qabalah.  Abraham, not wanting to let his father down, earnestly wanted these powers.  He set off on a pilgrimage to Mainz, where he studied with a Rabbi called Moses.  He studied with Moses for four years, before he began travelling.  His travels were obscure at most, but he eventually came to rest in Egypt.  
It was while he was in Egypt that Abraham met Abramelin the Mage.  The mage lived in the desert outside of the town called Arachi.  Abramelin taught Abraham his Kabbalistic magic and gave him two manuscripts from which to copy.  It was from these two manuscripts that most of Abraham's magic has come from.  It was from passages of these two manuscripts that this piece was made.  I'm not saying that this piece was made by Abraham at all.  ON the contrary, it is much more modern that that.  What I am saying is the power and knowledge that this piece entails come from Abraham, which have come from Abramelin the Mage.  
There is no telling what exactly you can do with this piece.  It will do all that you can think of and more though, because there wasn't a power that I tried to create with this piece that I couldn't.  When you get the piece you will have to activate it.  You will melt a candle and accrued the melted max on a piece of parchment paper.  When the was is done melting you will write the name of your new soul into it.  Then, let the piece sit there for no less than twenty-fours.  During this time themage will be rebirthed to you.  
This newly rebirthed mage will be young again and full of energy.  He will act as your ambassador to the knowledge ofAbramelic the Mage and all of his magic that was written in the Book of the Mage.  You can ask your mage for any power that you want and he will deliver to you.  It will take at least three days for the mage to get the power, though.  This is because the power is strong because it is coming right from the source.  
Using this piece to contact your mage, you will ask it for any Kaballistic magic you want.  Qabala incorporates anything from immortality, to shape-shift, to creating angels and demons, to the creation of vampires, to wealth and success.  Whatever it is you want, confer with your mage and he will find a power that you want.  He will do this because he has the infinite power of the Book of the Mage, so he has all the ins and outs of these magic you want.  IF he doesn't, then he will find another way to make it happen!  You are going to love this one!  
Book of the Mage
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