Birth Your Own Fairy Garden

My friends I love eating ice cream.  I mean, when it comes to ice cream (or, I guess just food in general) we are professional fatties.  There's nothing wrong with it either.  Some people say that it'll catch up to us, that we shouldn't be eating so much ice cream.  To those people, I will simply say that I'd rather go happy that go health.  It's just my own philosophy, but to each their own, you know? Anyhow, there is this special place that we go that's on the side of a mountain.  It's a small mountain town.  There aren't very many people in the town and the ice cream shop we go to is a well kept little secret known only among those people who are lucky enough to know that the place exists.  It doesn't really advertise to people... it's one of those "word of mouth" types of place.  In fact, the people that live in the little mountain town are actually quite well to do. The little community consists of million dollar cottages, an arts expo, a live theatre with a league of players, and a bunch of other little quaint, artsy buildings where things of the elite happen frequently.

Anyhow, my friends and I got on the subject of how these people had come to be so successful and what brings them to this quaint community that is, basically, in the middle of nowhere.  We were discussing among ourselves, over a special sundae known as the Jigger.  Well, okay, we each had our own, but that's besides the point.  I guess we were a little bit louder that we had thought, because before we really knew what was going on, a rather old gentleman with wrinkle folds under his eyes and a face that looked like a prune took the liberty of seating himself at our table.  He had a French accent, pretty sharp, but we could still make out what he was attempting to say. Well, we could make out most of what he was saying anyhow.  He was pointing in a direction due South, which in this instance would've been up the mountainside. He kept on rambling on about the Fairy Garden, yada yada yada.  We pretty much dismissed him as nuts.  My friends and I had already been to the fairy garden on several occasions.  The fairy garden is a little spot in a grove of trees where there fairy dolls and other nature ornaments to decorate the grove. It's actually pretty neat, but I had been there at least a dozen times and I had never encountered anything other than dolls and decorations. 

I explained this to the man, and he nodded but told us to go further up the mountain.  We didn't really make much sense out of what he was going on about, but we obliged his instruction.  We're a pretty adventurous group anyhow, so we really had nothing to lose.  Besides, we had to burn off all of our ice cream calories anyway.  We decided to take a hike up the side of the mountain.  It was a brisk walk up the side of the mountain, too.  It wasn't an easy feat.  We were about half an hour into our journey, or maybe a little more, when the little old man suddenly appear to us out of nowhere.  My friends were a little bit freaked out, but I'm pretty used to these kind of weird things happening to me so I was just like, "cool, whatever."  He tapped a giant oak tree that was sitting off by the side of the trail.  The tree, almost immediately, split into two, revealing an entry way into a a meadow.  My friends were a little bit creeped out and refused to enter, so I told them to wait for me at the entrance.  Til this day, the swear it was some type of illusion or that I was trying to play a prank on them.  Listen, I have some pretty neat psychic powers, but I can't make people (or fairies rather) appear out of this air.  It just doesn't happen that way-- well at least NOT without the piece that we are offering on this description, anyhow. 

I walked in between the oak that had now actually become two oaks.  As I did, I felt myself undergo a transformation and soon I felt myself lifting off the ground, in a bounding leap I was soaring through the sky.  I gently came back down to Earth as if I was walking on the moon or something.  It was at this point in time that I looked behind me and realized that my transformation had given me wings, but that I didn't really have to know how or what to do with them at all.  They just kind of reacted subliminally like breathing or a heart beat.  It was something that I didn't have to think about, it just happened.  It was at this point that I really began to experiment and pushed my self to new limits, flying through the clouds as if I was Angelina Jolie on the movie Maleficent (which was an awesome movie by the way!)  When I leapt for the sky I could see the entire grove and there must have been a thousand fairies of all sizes in varying shapes and proportions.  They were all different colors.  Some looked like humans, some looked like creatures.  I realized that during my excursion, the old man from the table was right next to me.  I had been to preoccupied to notice before.  He appeared younger, though, and in perfect shape.  I could understand perfect what he was saying to me now, so I'm assuming his talk in the mortal world appeared French due to some type of Otherworld language. 

Either, after I had settled down the fairy that was once an old man informed me that I could stay here forever, regardless of how much I wanted to.  This grove was a fairy garden, and although I had achieved a temporary transformation, I was a still a mortal and must return.  He gave me this piece though.  I brought it back with me to the mortal realm and even demonstrated the magic in it to my friends.  They are such skeptics at heart and still insist that I had something up my sleeve.  Hey, whatever... their loss, right?  Either way, the magic in this piece is of pure white light; and it is a fun, flighty magic, too.  You can really feel it when you wear it.  To activate the power, all you have to do is be willing to wear the piece for one full week before the powers begin to show themselves to you. 

This piece will give you a fairy ambassador, much like the one I had, who split the Oak Tree open for me.  The fairy garden in the town I have ice cream in is a representation for those fairies who are among the mortal world, to signal that real fairy garden is right around the corner.  Or, you know... an hour up the mountain.  Either way, that's the correlation between the two.  The ambassador that you receive will take you to the Fairy Garden where you will gain total transformation for the time being.  You will have to return, as I did.  You are mortal just like me, so you may not stay forever.  Of course, this will all happen for you astrally, not physically like it happened for me. It will still feel the same though. 

As if this isn't enough of a deal, this piece will also help you build your own astral fairy garden.  This is a realm apart from our own, where you will get to speak into existence the name of fairies, who will then, with the extreme white power in this piece, be created into existence.  You can give your fairies any power that you want and then use the powers of the fairies as your own.  For example, if you want to create a wealth fairy for wealth, you can do that.  If you want to create a fairy that will help you time travel, you can do that.  If you want to create a fairy that will help you with the mastery of white magic, psychic abilities, spiritual cleansing, etc. you can do that to.  The only limitation is your own creativity as you can birth fairies with this piece that can literally do anything you can speak into existence!  This piece is extremely exciting! 

Birth Your Own Fairy Garden
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