Belgian Immortal Warlock

As you know we make our way around the globe.  Sometimes we have specific areas in mind and other times we are literally left following things on a whim.  Some of the most exciting things that we've ever encountered have come from those trips where we had no idea where we were going; we'd just get up the morning and go there.  This is how we came across the mansion in Belgium that we immediately were drawn too because of its spiritual energy and its ominous facade.  There are plenty of buildings in Europe that we could have stopped at.  Trust me, there is plenty of supernatural activity brewing in Europe that we could've been on investigation for years.  However, this particular mansion was the one we were most compelled to visit.  Located in West Belgium, we heard about the place from a friend who is a bit of an urban explorer, who has visited this place before  He informed us that the mansion had been left empty since the early 90s.  For some of our older readers, that might not feel like that at long of a time for a building to stand vacant.  However, when you think about it, that's nearly 25 years that the house has gone unlived in.  

The strangest part of the house isn't even the exterior.  It is the interior.  There are children's toys littering the places, with old furniture that looks like in the height of its time, it might have been expensive.  Then there are those open glasses of wine that can be found throughout the house, unfinished but not yet cared for, either.  It really paints the portrait that whomever was here before was really in a hurry to get out. It can only be solidified by the fact that nobody has bothered to inhabit the place since then.  It seemed like the perfect place for us to begin an investigation.  Why was it that this place was so abruptly abandoned and how come nobody ventured back to the place.  It seems that in the end we actually got more than what we bargained for-- which in this case was a good thing.

In these types of investigations it always makes sense to start low and make your way to the highest floors.  This is why we started in the basement, which was as large as a small apartment.  It was down in this basement where she found a secret slide out door hidden behind a set of book cases.  The door opened to a secret passageway that led into a chamber.  The chamber looked ancient and was built entirely of stone.  It wasn't built in the best of manner and it wasn't excessively huge for the fact that it was connected to a mansion.  It was big enough for a handful of people, even though the people in it were only Deedee and I.   There were cryptic entries written out on the walls, some I undertook and some I did not.  In the center of what we called the sanctuary was a pentagram, made by a red substance that we found out later was actually the blood of a ram. 

It didn't take long for Deedee to recognize that the place was haunted by a spirit form Warlock, who must've been haunting the house, which is why the other families just up and left.  But you know Deedee-- nothing scares her and she decided to tackle this project head on.  The next day we came back with a spirit board and a few items.  Through contacting the warlock, we were able to determine that he was one that was persecuted during the witch trials of the Catholic Church.  He has spent his life in solitude locked to this altar, in conjunction with the Mansion which is how he was able to travel throughout the mansion at his leisure.  It's also the reason why the previous families that lived in the house just disappeared.  Guess they didn't take to keenly on sharing their house with the unliving.  This is one of the reasons why we used this piece to extract the warlock soul from the house and set him into this piece.  

This piece contains the presence of a Centuries-old Warlock.  His name is Vaughn and he has spent centuries perfecting his magic, so you know that when you get this piece, the magic will definitely abound.  We have extracted and encapsulated Vaughn into this piece that way the person who wears it can invoke him for his witchcraft abilities.  He has many different types of ancient magic up his sleeves and with this piece they will all be yours for the taking.  They are dual in nature and can accomplish any feat that you want them accomplish, so if witchcraft is your thing, then is definitely your piece as there are no limits to the magic that it can do!  



Belgian Immortal Warlock
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