The Brazen Bull is a fearsome, but yet beautifully unique combination of art and blood lust.  It dates back to the 6th Century AD.  The sculptures were forged out of bronze or brass and are eerily reminiscent of the golden calf that the Israelites made and were worshipping in the desert after Moses returned with the Ten Commandments.  Scientists say they have debunked the "myth" that these bulls have been used in ancient worship and sacrificial rituals.  They say the bulls were used a form of punishment for wrong doing and that it has no physical attributes to represent any god.  The latter might be true, but the former is a complete and utter lie.  To think that these giant, cow shaped cauldrons weren't-- or should I say aren't-- used for human sacrifice  is, well, bullcrap

The statues themselves were made hollow.  The only way into the center of the bull was through a door that was either positioned on the side or the top of the bull.  In order to fulfill a ritual, a person would be forced into the center chamber.  A fire would be lit underneath the brazen bull and the person who was being sacrificed would die a horrible death, because the heat would cause the decompose alive.  Then the blood would be drained of the person and used for whatever ceremony or ritual that was taking place. 

The sacrificial rituals still take place til this day.  We only know because we have a piece that offers proof as to the origin of these powers, which I'm going to warn you, are dual in power.  I mean, it won't curse you, because the spells aren't black.  They are just a very occult form of magic ritual.  The ritual was passed down along the bloodline of prestigious secret societies such as the Freemasons-- who don't really practice this much-- and the Illuminati, who practice this magic on an almost monthly basis.  It is from the ranks of the Illuminati that we received this piece.

We had somebody who infiltrated the Bohemian Grove in their meeting that just passed.  The piece that you are receiving with this listing is a piece that was given it's power by a sacrificial blood ritual involving a Brazen Bull and their own magic.  I'm sure you've all heard of the Bohemian Grove, which was made almost famous by the Dick Cheney hunting incident.  After getting this piece I can affirm that these hunting incidents are real and they are quite a bit common than you would think. 

The ritual, which just took place this past July began when the higher ups in the government and Illuminati circle just pull random nobodies off of the street.  They put them in a dark CIA-like van.  They transport the abducted, by cargo flight if flight is necessary, to a thick wooded place in California where Redwoods shoot high into the air.  They round up about a dozen people.  Then, they hunt the people as if they were deer.  The last person standing is offered prize worth nearly $500 Million dollars, is initiated into the Illuminati, and is sworn to secrecy.  The ones who weren't so lucky?  Their bodies are kept, even if they are still alive.  One by one they are tossed into a gigantic Braze Bull that is made out of complete, 100% gold with jewels for eyes and decorations. 

There is then a ritual.  They chant in a really strange sounding language as the corpses of those they have hunted are burned and sacrifice to the Illuminati Gods.  Their powers are then renewed for one year longer and the magic they have is kept among their highest ranking members via pieces that are placed by the bull in order for the magic of their sacrificial rituals to fall into them.  Then, they wear the piece for the year, no matter what the piece may be.  They are designed too look incognito so that normal people can't tell what they are.  However, the pieces are very powerful, so don't let the appearance fool you. 

The point to this story??  Like I've told you.  We have somebody who we sent to infiltrate the Illuminati.  He wasn't part of their ritual, but was on stakeout while the ritual was taking place.  He managed to secure one of the pieces that were made from the blood ritual and the ashes of the fallen.   He brought it back to us and we began testing on it as soon as possible, and I want you all to know that any black magic that went into the making of this piece has been entirely filtered out.  This piece will still bring you full powers of Illuminati magic.  I mean, who doesn't want Illuminati magic?  This piece gives you full Illuminati Awakening.  It brings you all the magic that has been passed down from the ancient seers and sorcerers from the Egyptian Mystery schools.  There are too many powers to list but they include:  EXTREME WEALTH, ASTRAL PROJECTION, TIME CONTROL, MIND CONTROL, BI-LOCATION,   DUAL FORM EXISTENCE, POWER SOURCING, AND A WIDE RANGE OF DUAL POWER SPELLS, DIVINATION, ENCHANTMENTS, AND MAGIC.  The piece is very powerful and we were only able to get one of them.  Sorry, sometimes even one is more than what we bargained for.  I'm sure this piece will go quickly, just a heads up.  If you want this piece, you better secure it before somebody else does!



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