As perceived in medieval times, the Black Mass was the use of supernatural magic to induce evil or to call upon evil forces.  Then, one must consider the times in which these people lived.  It was a time when people blindly followed a faith because they were told to do so.  If they didn't they were often publicly humiliated, tortured, and killed.  The fact of the matter is that while these masses may have not been what was acceptable at the time, they aren't necessarily evil, as much as they were used to induce a form of forbidden knowledge.  It is the same knowledge that was hidden in the Fruit of the Tree of Good and Evil.  God instructed Adam and Eve not to eat this fruit, but it doesn't ever go into the reasoning behind this commandment.  Why did God not want the humans to eat of the fruit?  Was it because the fruit contained powers that would put humans on the same level that He was.  I mean, his powers had to have come from somewhere... is this why he didn't want humans to eat the fruit?  It says in the Bible that God is a jealous God.  Would he be jealous of humankind if he was not our one supreme deity?  It's an interesting question to pose.  

Listen, I'm not turning a blind eye to the fact that evil exists.  Yes, some of these so-called Black Masses were held for evil purposed, but not all of them.  Some of them were simply non-traditional types of masses that implored God to impart his holy knowledge into them, so they didn't have to live apart form Him.  They weren't content with not knowing the secrets and the meanings of life.  They were disobedient at most, but to say that they were evil is a far stretch.  They believed that the Earth that God gave us was full of its own energies and powers and that to know God's secrets would be to live like deities.  They meant no harm.  However, these practices weren't acceptable to the higher-ups.  Why?  Because they were conducting masses of their own.  Kings like Louis XIV and his degenerate followers were conducting Black Masses of their own.  These included mockery of traditional Catholic masses including black candles, human blood, and orgies.  They exonerated a god that they called the dark one.  Either way, the point in me telling you all this is that not all black masses are done to promote evil.  Some are done to promote forbidden knowledge and wisdom and to seek the answers of God.  

As for the continuance of the evil Black Masses, they are still held by the royal family to this day.  These orgy rituals continue to exonerate evil forces and they continue to sell their souls to the Devil for fame and fortune.  On the contrary, the other forms of black masses still exist and still exonerate God and ask him to impart his knowledge upon them.  Sometimes he does and sometimes he doesn't.  I don't know how he determines who gets these secrets and who doesn't, but sometimes they are leaked to the participants of such a mass.  The result are usually magical items, amulets, and other fetishes that bring the participants some sort of power or ability.

We obtained this piece from a mass during which the people called upon the secrets of immortality.  They were given to the people, who then put the powers they had obtained into pieces that could be carried with them.  Again, just because this was a black mass, doesn't mean it was evil.  It's just a religious practice that was held that was non-traditional.  The evil ones are the ones that you want to stay away from.  They are two separate types of ceremonies and if you are going to dabble, you need to know the difference.  Of course, if immortality is what you are looking for, then look no longer.  This piece holds a power that will serve you better than the fountain of youth.  When you wear it, it begins to stop aging form day one.  At first you will begin to notice that your aging has ceased entirely.  Then you will notice that your skin begins to get a certain glow and elasticity back.  Then you will notice that you have more power and energy than ever.  You might be growing in terms of years, but at this point the reverse-aging effect will have taken place and you will have become immortal.  No need to worry.  At the time of the rapture, if you have lived a Holy life, you will be taken up in the First Resurrection.


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