Bedelia is a awesome lady that I met through a friend of mine named Bill. I think one year I posted pictures of him on FB when we went out to eat in Florida at some Brazilian steak house.  Bill has been married for millions of years,seriously! But something happened and it was not hid fault and not quite hers either but more her fault if anyones. So finally Bill is dating and that is how I met Bedelia which shocked me because Bill is so religious that he refuses to have even one of those magic 8 balls in his house. I say shocked because bedelia is a voodoo spirit and love guide. That is why I was shocked. I think that Bill just likes her a lot and hopes to guide her to some light. I certainly hope it works out for Bill. I know that Bill also prays for me all the time too. Either way what we have here is this.


These are two pieces,you will get one. Each one is a hanging frame that you will place a picture in of what you want or WHO you want. This is pretty simple. I bought one off of her and she gave me two more. I used the one, ( I know this is wrong) to bring back Bills wife,ex wife. She ended up calling him that day. I told him about it and he was very mad. The only time he ever got mad at me to be honest. He just doesn't get into magic at all.

I also tried this on something else that wasn't exactly white light but wasn't exactly dark either and it worked. I knew though that the hardest test was with a friend of mine who cheated on her boyfriend.  He REFUSED to take her back,he called her everything in the book too! There was no way this was ever going to happen so it was the perfect testing ground. Right now I'm using this on a lady starting tonight who needs to sell her house. If your reading this you know who you are. I do it tonight or you.LM


So anyway I use this and get a pic of him to place in the frame and it doesn't have to be a good picture either and it can be something that represents him too. So I did this and one week later out of the blue there he stood yelling at her but they are together again. I should have asked for him to be nice too but hey she did screw up.


So this piece will work on anything, I only have two,three but I'm keeping the one.



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