By the time that Babylonia had become a regional superpower and a growing threat to peace in the ancient Middle East, Israel had divided into the Northern and Southern kingdoms. Assyria, to the east, eventually conquered the Northern Kindom (referred to as Israel). But it was Babylonia to the south that threatened the Southern Kingdom of Judah, eventually capturing Judah's capital, Jurusalem, and carrying its people into exile. It was Babylon, the kingdom's capital, that served as the backdrop to the story of Daniel, a young exile who was among those taken from Jerusalem to be assimilated into the conquering culture, as was the custom of the day. It was Babylon that a starring role in the ancient prophecies of men like Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Jeremiah. Babylonia seemed unstoppable. That it would meet the same fate as Judah was inconceivable. Yet the prophet Isaiah, who live in Judah at a time when Babylonia's military threat was escalating, predicted three things: that the Medes would rise against Babylon, that Babylon would be destroyed just as surely as the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah had been centuries before, and that it would never be settled again, not even by wandering sheperds (Isaiah 13:17-22). What happened next is mystifying; but to historians it is no secret~! Babylon was indeed captured by the Medes in 539 BC. It was completely ruined by the first century BC. Today, it is home to wild animals; it is mostly uninhabited --- except for a few shrews who live in the abundance of rubble. One of the shrews who lives in this ancient relic land progressed this piece that is available to you!! This holds an impacted image of a beast of power that roams the land... the shrew has used her amazing powers to tame a few of the beasts and this was invigorated with ones spirit. The beast is a product of the mystical torrents and extreme power that resided in Babylonia. The piece is a direct link to kinetic bonds with the spirited creature -- so you will be flooded with incredible powers... granting you physical strength and divine enlightenment of follicles from Biblical times. The lands of Babylon hold fascinating remnants that are normally unobtainable to humans, but due to the projection from the beast... these powers and energies have been found. The creatures roam and can absorb them -- but the conditions are deadly to this is a coveted piece with extreme power that is rare to come by! The limit to what you can do with this appeal are endless~ this is one NOT to be missed.
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