Attacked by the Djinn

Attacked by the Djinn ** Emir's Experience This is my real story about my connection with the ultimate djinn. I belong to a strict Muslim background and I preside in India. I never believed that ghosts live on earth, but after this incident I came to know that there is something, which is enough evidence to believe that ghosts live with us. I was out to dinner with my friends and they were discussing experiences that they had with ghosts, as they live in an old apartment building that is noted as being haunted. I came to home late after discussing some of their crazy incidents of ghosts, and got ready for bed, locked my room from the inside and jumped in bed. I began thinking about the discussion I just had with my friends, and questioned the validity. Then I turned my mind from there and started concentrating on sleep. I was almost sleeping when I felt pressure on my chest and then warmth on my neck. It was if someone was sitting on my chest and trying to kill me by forcing their hands on my neck. I was trying to awake. My whole body was jammed. I couldn't move any limbs of my body, like I was a dead body - hopeless, helpless, like someone gave me a dose of anesthesia. After frantically trying, I finally was able to open my eyes. I saw a short man sitting on me- he was like a shadow that can be seen through the side view perception of your eyes. I began quoting our holy Ayaats from the Qoran from inside my heart, and I felt it was getting over with...then it ended. I was free, able to move and breathe properly, I was scared! From then on I prayed.. "Oh God,please do not let that happen to me again." Who knew if this was going to be a daily routine. I felt it for three days continuously. After that, I discussed this whole matter with our Imam (who prays in the mosque). He gave me the contact information of Haunted Curiosities, as he had someone have a similar situation and they got relief after working with Deedee. I contacted Deedee and paid for her to travel over, as I needed relief. After working with her I was able to tap into the spirit of the djinn and learned that it was trying to get my attention, not harm me. I was born with an internal gift housing an elapsed portal for spirits and always brushed it off and tried to ignore the experiences I had; the djinn was trying to alert me that the premise of my experiences were indeed true!! Deedee was impressed with my ability after she worked with me to release the facets of it, and I began working for her. I travel around the world and perform investigations for Haunted Curiosities and also assist in extractions when needed for clients. The djinn that alerted me was an extreme wealth spirit, and my first tactile use of my ability was pulling him into a vessel. I have held on to him for the past several years and have had incredible experiences and have gained both financial wealth and wealth in love and blessings with my family. I learned early that to progress your energies you should play it forward, so I granted this piece to Haunted Curiosities so that a client can be blessed by the djinn. ** THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE PIECE THAT HOLDS THE SPIRIT OF THE DJINN ROSCO, HE WILL IMPLEMENT DIRECT BLESSINGS UPON YOU -- BRINGING FORTH WEALTH TO ALL AREAS OF YOUR LIFE!! ~ Gorgeous sterling silver ring with stunning stones!!
Attacked by the Djinn
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