Astral Hopper; Create of Your Own

What a pretty little scene, right?  I prefer Thomas Kinkade personally, so that is what I created when I used this piece.  What?  What do I mean?  Well this piece holds a being that we simply call an astral hopper.  This astral hopper specializes in his ability to be able to create alternate universe.  He claims he does this because sometimes he just needs to "get away."  I guess it does really matter why he does, it would matter why you do it.  With this piece you can use the astral magic that has been placed within to create your own astral realms and then travel there.  All you have to do with this piece's close your eyes and meditate upon the place you want to go.  Slowly, but surely, this existence will begin to fade away and the new one in your imagination will begin to take sort.  You can use this piece to create your own realms to enter, or in the more traditional sense of jumping to any astral plain that you find interesting.  Again, all you have to do is meditate with the piece and imagine what you want to create or where you want to go and you will be well on your way 

Astral Hopper; Create of Your Own
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