Ancient Wealth Rites, Dive into Them Head-First

When you think of El Dorado you most likely think of that fabled City of Gold.  It seems that everyone is after it, most likely because they want to plunder it for its wealth.  There have been many expeditions, the main objective of which was to find the City of Gold.  Sadly, not many have succeeded in finding it.  These days all hope has been abandoned because the minds of humans have been severely dumbed down.  They no longer believe in those things which they once believed.  It's quite an epidemic, actually.  We'd be so much smarter as a race if people would simply abandoned their narrow-minded way of thinking. 
As this piece will prove to you, the real El Dorado was not a city.  Rather, he was a man.  He was the chieftain of a tribe that existed in South American known as the Muisca.  As part of his initiation rite to take over the helms of the tribe, he would be covered in gold dust.  Then, the man would dive into Lake Guatavita.  Although there exists no official documentation of what the man went through while he dove, this piece is more than enough evidence to help you understand.  While he was in the murky waters of the lake, he was transported to another realm entirely.  The lake served as a Portal and the gold dust was an offering to the realm of gold that he was about the enter.
Now, I'm not saying that this realm was Heaven, but the streets of gold that are present could rival those of Heaven.  Rather, it was the metaphysical realm of the Gods, where they sat to watch their people.  It included not only Gods, but also the elders who were like the guardian angels of the Muisca people.  The Gold offering that the chief covered himself in went to maintain the majesty of such a realm.  In return, the chief received ancient knowledge and direction that he would use to then lead his tribe into a prosperous existence.  It shows, too, because in ancient times the Muisca were one of the wealthiest tribes to exist on the continent of South America. As primitive as they might have been, they enjoyed vast luxuries of their times.
The chieftain would then arise from the waters, having been baptized by the powers of the ancients and the gods.  He used these powers and the wisdom he had acquired to successfully rule the people that he was put in charge of.  It is even believed that this practice extended to other tribes of South America, as well.  We are not here to prove anything but what we can prove, though.  What we can prove is that the wealth powers that were given to El Dorado, which literally means "The Golden One", were very real and very powerful.  This is because the piece that we have has been given the same powers that were once given to EL Dorado, as they were given to him in the ancient times.  
This piece, which appropriately shows a coin from Argentina to pay homage to the fact that this tribe once inhabited different parts of South America, has been baptized with the water of Lake Guatavita.  This water has given the piece the same transformation that has been given to El Dorado since the beginning.  It was covered in gold dust appropriately and then tossed into the lake.  After this, it was retrieved.  It wasn't immediately confirmed that this process had worked.  Then, it was sent to us.  
We have been able to confirm that this piece holds a binary system of power that will bring you wealth in two separate facets.  You will open the container and place a drop of your own blood into each of the sections.  Then close the piece and let it close for three days.  On the third day, you will have also been given a transformation.  You will not feel any different or act any different.  You won't even see any entities or spirits.  What you will have been done is the infusion of the powers from this piece into your own DNA.  You will become your own El Dorado.
In becoming your own El Dorado with this piece, you will also become your very own wealth magnet.  Your energies will seep from your body into the presence of every and any realm of existence.  It will bring you back wealth powers that will then bring you load of wealth powers.  It will literally bring you wealth in all forms and from all directions of existence.  It is extreme wealth and will come in various forms, including gambling earnings, lottery earnings. job raises and promotions, inheritances, winning lawsuits, and just receiving cash in general.
The second facet of this binary system of magic is that you will gain an understanding of ancient magic.  This is the magic that originates with the gods and elders and can do many different powers.  For one, it allows you to travel into other realms as it has El Dorado into the Realm of Gold.  It brings about many other powers to, which are too many to list.  For instance, we were able to use this piece to see the future when we were testing it, as a means of making sure your life was on the correct path.  Moreover, the main attraction of this piece is the innumerable amount of wealth that it is going to bring for you.  Now is your chance, don't pass it up!  
Ancient Wealth Rites, Dive into Them Head-First
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