Ancient Sacrificial Wealth-- REAL HUMAN KNEE BONES!!

These are those crazy bones!<br /><br />

These pieces come from Tibet. These were humans used in a sacrifice for religious purposes. These are the Knee bones and they are for wealth ONLY. These are extreme wealth and I only have 4 of them. When you hold them you FEEl it! When you take them around with you,you feel it! They will not make you sick but you could ( COULD) end up with a full physical being in your home. Even if the person knew they were going to be sacrificed it did not make it happy!<br /><br />

These Knee bones have been dated and they go back obe person said 2,000 and another said 1,500,either way they are very old. Going by the size of them I would have to say they were very little people. Every single one of these people that ended up with one of these knees has had nothing but good luck in all matters. No one is struggling and everyone is gaining financially. I have spoke to men in their 60's,women of all ages and no one knows each other and they all say the same thing,these bring wealth. <br /><br />

 One man told us that also bought the alien healing pieces that this works as fast and almost the same as those. There is something to be said for ancient artifacts.

Ancient Sacrificial Wealth-- REAL HUMAN KNEE BONES!!
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