Ageless Eros

Archaeologists in Greece have uncovered a 6,000 year romance. The finds come from the Alepotrypa, or foxhole, one of the Diros caves in southern Greece.  I  have personally have nicknamed it the Cave of Love.  The Neolithic couple can be found locked in a tender embrace, clinging to one another.  The pair was originally found in 2014 by a team of archaeologists and speleologist, however radio carbon tests were being conducted and the finds of the pair was announced right before Valentines Day in 2015.  I guess it's like the Notebook II:  Book of the Dead.  Sorry I couldn't resist.  

We weren't able to get there ourselves, but we orchestrated a team of investigators to go on our behalf.   Although scientists blame the fact that the couple was preserved so well on the fact that they were in a cave that had collapsed on them, causing the skeletons to be preserved very well.  Our investigators will tell you another story.  After scouring the place for days to see if there was any spiritual energy, the crew finally came up with the answer.  

Psykhe was the goddess of the soul.  She was the wife of Eros, the god of love.  Their story is one for the ages.  Psykhe was once a mortal princess.  Her astounding beauty brought about the ire of Aphrodite because men turned away from the love goddess to worship this beautiful mortal. Aphrodite commanded Eros to have Psykhe fall in love with the most hideous man he could find.  Instead, this young God ended up falling in love with the Princess.  He carried her away to a secret palace, ordering her to never look at his face.   He didn't want her to know who he was, for fear of Aphrodite's retribution.  

Psykhe was eventually tricked by her jealous sisters. (It's a long story.)  When Eros returned to the palace, Psykhe looked upon his face.  Eros, fearing for Psykhe's safety left her alone.  However Psykhe, being of a strong mind, searched throughout the world for her lost love.  She came into the service of Aphrodite, who saw how much the girl actually did love Eros.  Aphrodite gave her terrible labors to complete, including travelling to the underworld.  Psykhewas so determined that she completed these labors.  She was then reunited with Eros and the couple was married in the court of gods.    

The archaic couple who was found in the caves of Greece were under the spell of both Psykhe and Eros.  For, while they hold a passionate love for one another, they have also found, in each other soulmates.  Apparently their bond was so strong that it lasted into the years of the afterlife.  We can't say that we know exactly where this couple is enjoying their afterlife.  Their skeletal remains of course are in Greece.  Their spiritual remains, however... God rest their souls.  Our investigators were able to summon the bit of energy that they found into this piece, which appropriately displays Eros.  Well, actually it looks a bit more like his Latin counterpart, Cupid.  Either way, the piece brings about an ambiance of love.  

This piece is for the lovelorn or the person who has never been loved at all.  It contains the presence of both Eros and Psykhe, who appear in this piece as a couple.  The energy of this piece will allow you find love in the strangest of place, because it will be as if you've just been stuck by Love's arrow.  It will lead you on your journey in life to that one true love that will love you forever.  The mindset of Psykhe will protect you along the way, making sure that you don't fall for any of those sweet fakes who tell you everything you want to hear just to get you into bed, or to play with your heart, or steal your money.  She abhors people like that and will not only steer your heart away from those types, but will eternally punish them with the inability to love or be loved.  In the end, what you will be left with is your soulmate who will love you for you, not what you look like or what you have to offer them.  It will be the one that will bring you "forever" love-- you know, the 6,000 years, hiding under the rocks, curled up in cave, type of love.  This piece is ageless and priceless!!

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Ageless Eros
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