Adaro's Wealth

The Adaro is one of the most feared ancient entities of seafaring peoples.  They are malevolent and greedy water creatures, whose description best fits that of a merman. They are mostly located along the Solomon Islands, but can really be found in any part of the world, in any body of water.  These dreadful spirits are terribly malevolent and will purposefully seek out and passersby.  They will play tricks on the passengers that range anywhere from disorienting them to make them think they are going to the wrong way, to completely sinking their boat.  I guess it really just depends on how miserable they Adaro that you encounter is feeling that day.  

The Adaro has an incredible appetite for treasure, which is why you can often find him traveling along rainbows, which have been indicative of pointing to wealth since the beginning of time.  They also happen to rob ships of their riches when they pass by, again either by confusing the passengers and sneaking up on them, or by sinking their ship.  However, when captured theAdaro is forced to share its wealth secret with its captor.  

This piece contains a captured Adaro, who has been forced into this item.  He wasn't happy about it, but he has no choice, as he is there forever as per a binding spell.  When you use this item, your Adaro can be conjured for his wealth powers.  He will seek them just as though he sought them for himself, except he will be giving the riches that he finds to you, as a masters fee, or something.  Either way, finding treasure is what the Adaro is good at, so finding you wealth will come as a cinch!  It will come in many different forms, as the Adaro is multi-talented and will pull wealth from ALL different directions!   

Adaro's Wealth
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