Adamastor Tells

Maybe Luis De Comoes was more a prophet than he was a poet when he coined the term "Adamastor" for the supernatural force that would predict the failures of Portuguese sailors.  The entity is one of the Titans of Greek Mythology that has been banished to the sea, and while it is said that the being calls the Cape of Good Hope his domain, he actually has been known to tell misfortunes all over the world-- in various forms of existence.  In some sorts he is an entity of destiny that has been given the ability to foretell the future, but he also has the ability speak the future into existence as well.  However, he was spurned by the nymph Thetis after trying to speak peril into her future and was sent to the sea to haunt sailors and bring them to their deaths.  This is why he was artistically described as a storm cloud in some works, as a sea monster in others.  Either way, the entity is of Titan descent and holds the unique ability to not only see into the future, but to speak it into existence.  

These pieces have been made to embody the presence of the Greek Titan Adamastor.  The powers you get with this piece are really simply to understand.  First, you will be given the ability to see into the future of anyone you lay your interest on.  It doesn't matter if you have a bond with the person or if the person is a total stranger, you will be given the ability to see into their future it stands.  You also hold the unique ability to speak things into the future of yourself or others.  Destiny always supersedes, because we are merely mortal; however, with this piece you will be able to speak such things as wealth, love, fortune, family, any type of magic, spiritual purification, etc. into any person's future, including your own.  

We only have one left as the testers wanted to buy theirs. This one is beautiful! It is sterling with a rose gold wash and a gorgeous pink stone. I believe this is a size 7.

Adamastor Tells
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