Absent Healing

This collection of pieces is extremely white light.  The magic that is in them comes directly from the sphinxes paw, from the places where Raviniska was born.  In fact, she is the one who made these pieces for us.  We have come into times when there is going to be an epic battle of good versus evil, light versus dark.  As such, we are going to need all the white light forces we can gather.  This is the primary reason these were made. 
What are you getting exactly?  These items grant, to the person wearing them, an ability called Absent Healing.  These automatically qualify you as a light worker, as you are able to send light and positive vibes via telekinetic frequencies that exists in our atmosphere.  
This ability is what is sounds like.  When you wear the piece, you are able to heal a person from far away.  This includes the ability project positive healing power to the person of your choice. 
This is how it works.  You must have either a picture of the person you are healing, something they have touched such a blanket or a shirt, or something of that person's DNA such as hair.  You will use the energies from both the item you are purchasing and the item that you receive from the person.  You will light a candle and so will the afflicted.  These congruent flames are how the healing powers will be transferred.  I know there are people out there that claim to do this without the candle, but the effect isn't as powerful.  The healing energy is much more present when the candle is lit. 
With absent healing you can provide physical healing, spiritual healing, spiritual awakening, third eye awakening, chakra alignment, karmic cleansing, soul cleansing, and project over all good health and vitality.  
Absent Healing
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