We are hoping to catch a video of this one and very soon. We have just been backed up with work for a long time due to the flooding and various investigations. Pa has been declared a disaster site and many of our roads we can't drive. It looks like a massive earthquake hit us. On top of that many have lost homes and the ones that didn't have lost all that they had in garages,basements and first floors. We have not suffered any losses at HC but getting around has been hard if not impossible.

This doll is an antique and it is a very sad story that is just that,sad. This little hooded man was used for evil against children and originally came from the south. Mississippi to be exact is where the great hooded candy man came from. Candy man already gives you the chills if you think about that movie but this is far worse then that.

The doll was hand made more then a 100 years ago to bring back the dead in full physical form. Using a piece of body part of ash placed inside and placing the entire doll in the center of a seance did the trick back then. In later years it was passed to a grand wizard of the KKK because of the white of the doll and the cap on his head. The history of the doll was passed down to. When it was given to him he said " why do I want some darkies coming back,F those Niggers!"

Now when he was given this doll it was way passed the days of slavery but being a Redneck semi educated man he thought wouldn't those days be nice! This is where the problem came in among the other obvious problems you can sense he had.

Killing began and with the people being burnt the ashes were placed inside the hooded doll. Many were placed here but one little girl and one man are the strongest. Redneck Billy Bob did not get his dream of slaves but he did get something better. I won't get into it. The little girls name is Sheana and the mans name is Rupert. The little girl shows up the most but Rupert is a show of good luck. These are not stupid spirits and they know who loves them and who doesn't. They can go to a white family or black family it really doesn't matter.

Rupert believes that Sheana is his daughter so he provides wealth for her to be taken care of well. It is believed that Rupert saw the death of Sheana and has been depressed and in distress ever since. I have seen images of how she was killed before being burned and I can assure that Mr. Billy Bob did get what he deserved.
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