We do not know how the entity that is in this piece got there.  What we do know is that the entity is there.  It's presence is very forceful, but not forceful as in it will take over your body, but rather forceful in that its powers are undeniable.  We found this piece at an estate sale on the way to investigation in Tennessee.  Nevermind the investigation in Tennessee, the real win of this trip is the piece that you see listed here.  As soon as Deedee saw the piece in a lot that was being auctioned off, she knew that she had to to have it.  She didn't know why, at first, saying that the only thing she really knew at that point is that she had developed some kind of telepathic connection to the piece.  She knew that it would be powerful, but had no idea that it would be quite this powerful.  
I don't know if it was sheer coincidence or if some of the bogus tests that the judges of the witch trials made the witches go through actually worked.  I can tell you right now that witch cakes are NOT an effective way to determine who is a witch and who isn't.  Sorry Tituba, it doesn't work that way.  However, when the young girls in the Throckmorton family went under a spell in the 16th Century, they pointed their fingers towards Alice Samuel and her family. To test whether or not Alice was actually a witch, they forced her and her family to say the following incantation.  "As I am a witch... so I charge the devil to let Mistress Throckmorton come out of her fit at this present."  At this the girls immediately recovered.  Alice and her family were hanged as witched.  
Now, I suppose one could argue that the girls were lying and simply pretending to be under a spell, but that is neither here nor there.  The point is that Alice Samuel was a witch and this piece is all the proof that you will need.  Again, we don't know how the piece was enchanted other than to say that whomever put Alice's presence into this picture had to be a master summoner, because Alice is a very powerful witch.  Having seen the estate that this piece comes from, we have our theories including that the mistress of the old estate was an ancient witch herself, whose life cycles had finally expired.  However, we hold no evidence other than to say that this piece is definitely enchanted by the presence of Alice Samuel.   
The first night we had the piece, she came to us in a dream.  I personally saw the hanging of all three of the Samuel family.  I'm not going to say that tormenting somebody is the right way to go about things, but when you were dealing with wealth, snobby, little brats like the Throckmortons, perhaps it was necessary.  They did torment the girls, yes, but those sinister little beings should have been the ones hanged instead.  I dreamt about the hanging of all three of the Samuel family.  It was quite disturbing.  The next day I awoke to found out that Deedee had had the same dream as I did.  
The visions and dreams that Alice caused us began to become more powerful and vivid each time they came.  Then one day while we were working in the office, the picture book opened up and Alice ascended in full spirit-form.  She was non-chalant as if we weren't even there.  She arose and went to the window, simply staring out of it.  Calmly, she addressed us and told us that she had been set into the piece, like I told you, by a summoner.  In exchange for her safe-keeping she agreed to open up about her magic. Her magic includes everything.  There is not a spell that is not possible with her knowledge.  She can do a spell for anything.  She can cause wealth, mutation, transmogrification, revenge, protection, healing, cursing, hexes, time travel, astral travel, duplication, levitation, invisibility, total mind control, telekinesis, necromancy, and many, many more.  In fact, I could probably publish a book with the amount of spells she ramble off to us.  
In all honesty, we have all the magic we need, which is why we are not keeping her.  Had it not been for that, we probably would have.  That was not the only time she appeared to us.  She would appear to us often, sometimes humming, sometimes singing.  Sometimes she clean or rearrange.  She is a very active spirit and the only thing you have to do is tell her if she is doing something you don't want her to, because she will respect your home.  She will also watch over your home and keep any evil entities from entering.  She is not evil herself, she was just made out that way.  She never made a pact with the Devil, rather her craft comes as a family gift that has been passed down in her bloodline.  
More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that you can ask her for the secrets to any type of spell that you want.  She literally has knowledge of all spells and can do all spells.  This is how long the magic has been in her family.  They literally have knowledge of all spells.  All you have to do is ask her to find a spell for an area of you life that you want a spell to affect.  She will then find the spell and cast it on your behalf.  For instance, if you are in a bad financial situation, you could ask for a money spell.  She will find it, say it for you, and then you will begin to see your cash flow grow substantially.  
As an added bonus, Alice can see the future and she will tell you yours.  You can use this power for yourself or you can share it with others who want to know their future.  Alice will tell you the future and then you can relay it.  There isn't anything in the way of being a witch that this piece will not give to you, so if witchcraft is your thing and you've always wanted to be a powerful witch capable of anything magic, then this is definitely a piece you want to consider!  
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