Depending on what type of immortality it is that you obtain, you might remain looking young and youthful.  Then, there are those type who continue to age according to the normal aging process and then just stop one  day.  Their body doesn't age a bit, but their looks change.  I guess this is done as to not create any certain kind of confusion.  Myself, I haven't aged a bit from the day that I was plunged into the world of immortality, but I know some that have.  They are actually kind of cool.  Some of them resembleDumbledore or Gandolf the Great.  Yes, I know who they are.  You'd be surprised the amount of pop culture I know, given the fact that I primarily deal with ancient magic and artifacts.  Even the immortal need to rest their minds.  
The reason I am saying this to you is that this piece gives you a chance to become an immortal.  They type of immortal you become will be entirely up to you, but it comes at a price.  The price actually isn't even really much of a "price" so to speak.  Rather, it is more of a gift than anything, but you have to be willing to leave the Earth at any time to travel to a parallel universe.  This is because of the power that the price you pay is going to give to you.  Before I say anymore, allow me to explain.  
Recently, there was a microchip discovered in Russia.  It was found by a fisherman who then donated the piece to some college in Russia.  The college then put the piece through testing and in due time, they determined that the artifact that they found is between 225 and 250 million years old.  To them, this is ground-breaking.  They haven't the slightest clue how this artifact that resembles a modern-day microprocessing chip wound up as a fossil on the underside of a rock.  I guess it's safe to say nor do I, but I know where the chip came from.  It came from a very advanced civilization that once visited Earth hundreds of millions of years ago.
When they arrived on Earth, it was a very beautiful place.  You have to remember, the human civilization is only about 6 millions years old and humans as we know them only evolved around 200,000 years ago.  I'm talking about the homo sapiens, I'm not suggesting that humans evolved from monkeys, I don't believe that.  I do believe there was an evolutionary cycle to humans and we managed to become more intelligent.  Let's hope our society hasn't destroyed progress, shall we?  
Even still, the point I am making is the world was a vast, unsettled terrain when the first visited.  They saw Earth as a safe haven for their sacred knowledge and powers database.  This database was set into a series of microchips.  In a similar process to what it would be like to microchip your pet, several of the race of intelligent beings were chipped and dropped off on Earth.  The plan was that they would remain on Earth as a secret, living bank of knowledge.  The aliens would return later to retrieve these beings if ever needed.
All the while, the ancient race had the ability to upload the microchip from afar, so the knowledge and magic of this race kept on growing and expanding.  My guess and this is all theoretical, is that one of the ancient race got sick and tired of feeling like a machine and ripped the microchip out of its body.  I say "its" because I don't even know if they had a gender or not.  This had to be somewhere around the area where they found the chip, unless he gave the chip to one of its comrades, and they took it there.  I don't rightfully know.  What I do know is that this is not the only chip that exists like this one.  It is the missing one that the race has been looking for, for a time.   If they don't somehow steal this chip or replace it with another dud, I'd be very surprised.  
In the meantime, I just want to say that to the circles of the paranormal, these things are nothing new.  Even to some of the scientists and government officials these types of things are nothing new.  They have been making discoveries like these under the radar.  The only mystery is the one that these people to create to hide the truth from the people on Earth-- and they've done a fine job of that.   What I'm getting at is that I have this item.  This item is a sonar piece.  What I mean by this is that it emits a frequency.  This frequency is exclusive to the race that visited the Earth.  They are the ones that I told you about, who left their "people" here with microchips in them.  
When you wear this piece, it will mix with your body chemistry and send out a signal.  This signal will then communicate to the ancient race that you are conceding and that you are a volunteer.  What do I mean?  You will be a volunteer for the microchipping process.  I know this sounds creepy, but it's nothing like the human microchippingprocess.  They aren't doing it to control your mind.  The price you pay is that you will become a living, breathing, bank of knowledge for them.  When you wear the piece, they will come to you while you are sleeping.  You won't even know they have come, because they put you into such a deep state of rest.  The microchip will be put into you, but there won't be scars or a healing process, because the aliens have the power of advanced healing.  In fact, you will feel perfectly fine like nothing ever happened.  
However, once the chip is inside of you, when you wake up, you will know.  You will wake up feeling extremely and uncharacteristically refreshed.  That's because the new power is now circulating inside of your body.  You will begin to notice that you now possess new powers.  For instance, you will begin to notice that things you want just appear out of nowhere.  Now think of this.  You're getting your breakfast ready and you realize sat everything down on the table and you forgot your spoon.  In your mind you think, "Damn it, I really wanted that spoon.  I can't believe I have to get up. I wish the spoon would just come to me!!"  Then, watch as a spoon begins to materialize right in front of you.  Also, imagine this-- you are at a department store and you see something that you really want, but unfortunately you haven't been able to afford it.  You think in your brain, "I'll probably never own that, I really wish I could afford it though."  Then, when you go to pay for you order, You notice there are a few extra hundreds wadded up your pocket.  
You cut yourself while opening a package, but you realize that the wound only stays fresh for a few minutes, before your body goes back to normal.  That's advanced healing.  You notice that you are able to see people that nobody else can see.  That's the ability to see spirits with your mortal eyes.  You are sitting in the boardroom and one of your colleagues smiles at you, but without him even parting his lips, you hear him say, "He's such an asshole!!"  That's the ability to read other people's minds.  You then think to yourself, "I really wish he'd just knock himself out." Then, he punches himself in the face so hard he loses consciousness.  That's the ability to control another's mind.
You're in bed at night and you begin to think about what it would be like to visit another realm, some far off place, where you can levitate, then you open your eyes and you are surrounded by the very thoughts that you just thought in your head.  That is astral travel.  It works the same way for time.  Listen, there are tons of powers once you get your chip.  I can't even begin to describe to you the amount of powers you will get, but they will come to you and you will have to work at them for a little while.  However, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of powers stored in the processor that is going to go inside of you.  It's like a complete change in your DNA.  After a while, you will learn how to master all of the powers and search out a specific power and ability that you want or need.  Given that there are so many powers in this piece, I doubt you are going to think one up that doesn't exist in this piece.  If you do, then you will be able to create it out of a thought form and that will be called energetic materialization.  See what I mean?  There is absolutely no limits on your powers and the way you use the.  I will tell you this, though.  The only way to gain these powers is through this piece, which again, emits a signal saying that you are volunteering to become like the ancients were and have been.  You will become immortal like they are and you will embody all of their powers.  It is the price you pay for becoming immortal, but is also the biggest gift you will ever receive!    
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