These pieces are nutty mainly because they are made of walnuts to house the many Djinn that have been given a solid home. These are all carved using a magical ritual knife that bonds the Djinn to the person but only the djinn that have proven themselves human friendly.

Many times the djinns are very hard to work with and even masters give up at times because of the trickery that they can pull. Both of these djinn homes have the djinns carved on them that through testing have actually granted wishes and given pleasures to the owner. Most of the times because of the country these were used for wealth.

Unlike other items that can grant a wish or help you out these Djinn can just make the universe MAKE it happen,that IS the power of the Djinn. You have to remember that in manty cultures these are like angels with the power to do anything.

As far as these go I have three but only two are for wealth and the other one is for sexual purposes. That one will be listed alone.

These are antiques and well over a 100 years old. They need to bonding,no ritual,nothing,they are ancient and powerful and much smarter then you are. They KNOW what you want and what you need but they do on an occasion like a little treat so they know you are aware of them. This can be your forever offerings that you may have already bought from me. If that is in your house now then you need nothing.

As for my own testing I used in on one unusual time because I have the one in my pocket book. Okay so here goes but hold on tight!

This one was in my pocket book and I had to go to the bathroom however I was at that haunted estate sale I told you all about a while back. well they had to no where to go to the bathroom and I had to go so I'm out in the filed like some wild beast and then someone else who I know had to go too. They had candy time or as some call it aunt flow had come to town. BAD,BAD timing... so as I'm coming out of the woods with leaves stuck to my butt I see in the distance what looks like a buffalo scratching at the ground. As my eyes focus I can see these arms flailing around like the beast is trying to get away from wasps or something and then they wouldl duck down and again scratching at the ground. Getting closer I could see a bloody trail winding around the parked cars and a naked ass in the air. OMG it was a woman flinging tampons to the ground and trying to wash her hands in dirt to get clean. It was then that I needed a depends adult diaper to keep my urine in. I began to laugh and then realized that people were coming. Now I know this is not the proper time to use a djinn of this magnitude but you know what? I had to and so I did! The cars that were coming with headlights ablaze all of a sudden went pitch black,thank GOD because I was scared for her and for myself. In Jersey you don't play around with public urination or the flinging of tampons because those Jack Boots will stick you in the jail house!

My next encounter with the Djinn was inside the estate sale when this crusty and stinky unbathed man wanted my haunted item. Like this was going to happen.So I used my djinn to distract him by squishing his balls really hard. Yes I know this is bad but he was well past the age of having children anyway.

The next time I used this Djinn was again at the same estate sale because after all they were doing the job and doing it really well. Now keep in mind this was before I went to Heaven ( see radio show) and got a little God in me,I'm only human you know.

I used it the third time at the auction to stop bidding,period! I wanted my items and they were strange enough that it did not seem fishy. One was the death box of the Masons that I KNOW no one has ever got. I will try and type that up today. My competition was an old order mason. This he said belonged to his great grandfather but I'm having no one get it from me.

The 4th time I used the other one with also a ton of djinns was just a mere test to see if it would grant me the money I wanted that day and it did. I had a deal with a man that visited all over tibet and went on some 7 kilometer trek to find enlightenment and I wanted the box and these are so hard to get but I did get it. He wanted for it 2,500 because it had all the stuff and I said no,and gave him a different offer which he did accept. After that I went to pull out a check but there was no need because inside my pocket book I found 700.00 cash which I did NOT have in my purse. In fact I never really ahev any money at all in cash which I know is bad but some of the places I go it would be easy to rob me.  It also seems that guys know where their balls are when you go for them. I love these djinn,loving,ancient,powerful and careful listeners which is what you want in a djinn.

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