This piece is the result of an investigation that has been going on for some time now.  The investigation was taking so long due to the amount of power that is packed into this piece and also because we had to have somebody roaming the hillsides of China looking for answers.  The person who did this investigation wishes to remain anonymous. I'm not really sure why, because there really aren't any repercussions, but whatever they want is fine with me.  They did an excellent job with the investigation and when the returned they had this piece ready to be offered to you, our customer!  This piece is excited because there is so much that goes into it.  The piece itself is a contemporary piece into which the powers were put.  The powers are ageless and have been since the construction of what have become known as the terracotta soldiers.  
The Terracotta Soldiers are a clan of soldiers that were found buried in the ground by a bunch of Chinese farmers outside of the town of Xi'an.  The soldiers were found, some of them with swords and battle axes, some with horse, some without.  They are all life size and full-featured and apart from the fac they the ceramic, they look just like they'd be human-- as in they had been turned into rock or something.  Despite the terracotta men's appearance, they were all formed by the emperor Qin Shi Huang right after he took the throne at the ripe age of thirteen.  He ordered the figures to be built inside of his necropolis, so they could guard him and look over him even in death.  Well, then somebody would likely raise the question, "But they are only rock?"  Or are they? 

It is little well known but the reason why emperor Huang had his army of 8,000-- yes, 8,000-- terracotta soldiers was because he needed time.  On the outside he was a brave a fearless leader and warrior.  Secretly, he was a sorcerer and magician.  He was practiced in many art forms and even studied with the Egyptians in their mystery schools when he was a young adult.  He learned as much magic as he could and while he was still at a young age, he began collecting individual powers.  These powers he got from his travels and from different parts of the world he had been to, either for leisure or for battle.  One by one he began storing these powers into his terracotta men, giving one of them a power at a time, and then moving on to the next to enchant that one with a power as well.  It took him a lifetime, but he eventually filled all 8,000 of them with a different form of power.  Some are white powers, some are dual powers, some are sanguine powers, some are alchemy, some are shape-shifting powers.  Don't get me wrong some of the powers are similar in nature, but these are 8,000 different powers that come from 8,000 different place that have been placed into the Terra Cotta soldiers.  To house the soldiers and himself, Huang took a fancy to a necropolis in the shape of a pyramid, something I'm assuming he learned while he was in Egypt.

Until our investigation, nobody, except for the Emperor himself knew the Terracotta Soldiers had these powers in them.  In fact, once the powers were cast into, it's like the became living stone bodies with minds to be able to use discretion and free will to practice their powers should they think that the tomb of their emperor was under attack.  You can imagine exactly how powerful the necropolis is, too.  With the powers of these terracottas and the fact that this was all happening in the sacred shape of a pyramid, these power are extremely powerful and they have been brewing for centuries.  Our person was able to get close enough to the terracotta forms to be able to sense that there were powers in the pyramids and in the terracottas.  He didn't do anything during his tour, because he didn't want to cause a stir.  He waited until later that night when nobody was with and nobody was watching, save for the terracottas.  However, they have the psychic ability to know people's intentions-- well at least some of them do and they are all connection some way shape or form to a universal knowledge so, one power is essentially another's powers.  It's just when they need to focus more on one power, whichever soldier maintains that power is summoned to cast that power onto an adversary if necessary. 

Anyhow, the person who was doing the investigation was successfully able to enter the necropolis and perform and extraction ceremony.  He described his experience as one that was very surreal.  You can feel the energies encroach as you make your way into the pyramid necropolis  He described it as if the whole place had a life of it's own, that although the soldiers are made of stone, they are alive and they know your every move and they know why you are there.  They are like individuals oracles of powers, but they are all part of the same power at the same time and if you even think about harming the body of their emperor, you'll regret. 

It's a good thing we meant no harm, and the person who was sent to do the investigation was successfully able to perform an extraction ceremony and place a duplicate of each and every one of the 8,000 powers into this piece.  Now, I'm not going to lie to you.  I'm not even sure what each and every one of the 8,000 powers are.  I have tested this piece and can tell you that this piece has a lot of normal, but also a lot of bizarre powers.   To use the piece you have to kind of meditate with it, so you can become part of the universal brain that the Terracottas are part of, back in the necropolis.  At this point, your mind will be opened and you will be able to see into a room-- well, I call it a room, I'm not sure exactly what it is.  In this room are thousands of tiny orbs, 8,000 to be exact.  You can travel around in your mind and experience each one of these orbs.  Each orb represents a different power.  Like I said, some of them will be similar to one another, some of them all out different, but ALL of them very powerful.  If you want to search for a particular power, you can concentrate on the ability you are searching for.  At this point, you will be guided, kind of like a spirit GPS, to the orb that best correlates to the power you want.  Chances are, it'll be there. 

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