Alien Healing Power <br /><br />

If you've ever looked up into the sky at night to gaze at the stars and wonder if there is anything else out there, gaze no more!  This piece will prove to you that existence is beyond our own scope of reality.  It will also prove that not all outsiders are malicious.  Some of them are helpful.  You don't have to take my word for it, though.  You could just ask Lynne Plaskett, who encounter what is known as celestial healing in 1975.  At this point in time, she was diagnosed with convoluted T-cell lymphoma.  She was obviously devastated by the news and withdrew to her bedroom where she secluded herself.  Here she lived a life of depression, basically readying herself for death until what I am going to refer to as, "the Happening."  <br /><br />

One night while she was lying in bed, she began to hear a humming.  Lynne has described the humming as buzzing much like that of a turbine.  She began to wonder what the sound was.  She recounts that it sounded as if it were coming from the walls.  She didn't really have too much to really wonder what was going on, because soon the whole room was filled with a smokey haze.  Then, from an opened window, a tiny flying saucer emerged.  It was approximately eight inches in length and was all white, except for windows that flashed muti-colored lights.<br /><br />

She underwent a state of paralysis, during which she levitated from her bed.  The saucer scanned her body a total of three times, before the fog cleared and the phenomenon was over.  Somehow Lynne knew that she had been completely cured of her cancer.  The next day, she returned to the hospital for more testing.  Two days later she was informed that her tumor had been dramatically reduced and within four months she was in complete remission of any type of cancer.  Doctors are still dumbfounded as to how the cancer was cured.  The best part is that Lynne hasn't come out of remission-- she was completely cured of illness.  <br /><br />

Lynne's story could not have been fabricated, because documentation proved her case.  There hasn't been any other testaments that contradict what Lynne has said.  The most illogical factor of her admission to her encounter with the E.T.s is that she was a prominent public figure from Volusia County.   Her claims nearly cripple her political career, although she did find a new sense of worldwide celebrity.  Eventually, her political career got back on track and she is now the Vice Mayor of Volusia County.  She was supposed to die, but miraculously fate had other ideas for her.  <br /><br />

Years later, Lynne's extraterrestrial miracle workers established contact with her.  Due in part to the fact that she finally managed to mend up her career in politics, she told no one.  Together with the E.T.s, Lynne was able to lobby for isolation of a specific section of land in central Florida.  She had this land zoned as "natural habitat preservation."  In all actuality, she was cooperating with the space visitors to establish an Earth base.  Nobody was supposed to find out about it.  Well, you know that we have a way of finding things out on our own.  <br /><br />

We decided to investigate the top-secret investigation that only Lynne a few select Floridian government officials have knowledge of.  We sneaked in and when we did, we discovered a new world, full of technology and magical orbs that we did not even begin to recognize or even understand.  We explored for a while, performing psychic espionage, but somehow both our our abilities were blocked.  Everything was going fine until we were detected, captured and taken to a room where we were detained and held for a long time. 

At long last, a being, which had taken on the figure of a humanoid figure, we were able to make contact with the race of aliens.  We obtained a lot of top-secret knowledge from them, because they were able to sense that our intentions are pure.  They are very peaceable beings, here for only one reasons-- the betterment of the human race.  Currently they are working to abolish the Obama Mind Control Experiments and the Mass Mind Control of the NWO.  They could destroy our world at the drop of a dime, but they choose not to, because they are intelligent beings and they have a higher set of moral codes.  They gave us these pieces, which are are from their homeland in a realm that is far away in a galaxy that is 100 times bigger than ours, with three suns as the epicenter.  The magic and knowledge in this universe, obviously, is much greater than ours.   <br /><br />

Listen, do not dismiss this claim.  Deedee and I tested these products ourselves.  Look at it this way.  What if you were dto live in the 1700s?  Cameras and cars and laptops and cellphones would all be theories of ridicule and fantasy if they were brought up in a conversation.  The powers in these pieces are extreme and I appeal to you to make this piece your own.  This piece holds revolutionary healing magic that will heal all types of illness and health afflictions.  You know Haunted Curiosities and we do not put items on our website that we do not have 100% faith in.  Deedee and I tested this piece immediately, and were amazed at how potent the energies in this piece are.  They are the powers that cured Lynne.  They are the powers that will cure you or anyone you know who is suffering.  We've NEVER had a piece like this one before. <br /><br />

Additionally, you will gain the magic and knowledge of the far-away space beings.  It is dual magic, but it is a different kind...a whole new ball game.  These energies will allow you to create your own new energies and powers.  It is even more powerful than most of the religious pieces that we offer.  It's the first time that Deedee and I have experienced this level of ability. You do NOT want to pass this one up!!   <br /><br />

If you anyone needs more info on these you may look her up through research. Do your own as then you have all the facts. Also I have had these now for 2 weeks and was contacted by a true alien being which at the time thought was a spirit. I thought this because of how he looked,he did not look alien. He told me that the first home that his people had was off of Bimini,atlantis and until it's destruction. Now those that knew it was coming live near us on a planet that is just like Earth and in our own solar system. The items that I hsve here he told me come from an ancient temple on the first Earth,atlantis. They are in containers but you should take them out and hold them to your skin. I have never found s better source of healing. I only have 5 of these but he assures me that he will bring me different technology which has to do with music and our past lives. I await this eagerly. You never know when something like this is needed or will come in handy,

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