This piece came to us while we were on an investigation in New York.  I cannot say that we were specifically looking for this type of spirit, but rather that this was eventually the outcome of the investigation we were on.  We were originally called there to exorcise a demon from a graveyard from the 1700s, before the United States of America had even become a fledgling nation of their own.  To enter the cemetery would be to feel a oppressing feeling of doom and gloom.  There were even several reports of visitors being physically attacked while visiting loved ones.  The investigation probed stories and eye-witness accounts of the goings-on at the cemetery.  There was even one person who showed us scars that he claimed he received after being scratched up by the demon.  

After several days of investigation, we were able to determine that the spirit that was responsible for assailing the locals was one that was called an Erichtho.  This particular kind of spirit has been thought of by historians to be of a single occurrence.  Her existence has been recorded in multiple different writings from across the years.  This can moreover be solidified by the fact that "she" was called the Crone of Thessaly.  I can assure you, though, that what was encountered back then and what was encountered during our investigation are not the same spirit, but the same type of spirit.  They are called Erichtho and they are evil-spirits who have kept on good terms with the infernal powers by squatting in tombs.  They are essential hags or very powerful witches.  They have been taught their powers from the infernals, most notably, the ability to breath life into dead bodies and inanimate objects, as well as raising bodies form the dead.  I suppose that you could call their magic a form of necromancy, but since it doesn't stop at this ability, I call it more of a black magic.  

After we discovered the Erichtho in the cemetery, we trapped in into this piece and blasted it full of white light.  What you have now is a spirit who has been trapped in the piece that you will be getting.  This being is of dual powers.  If will do dual form magic only, anymore.  This includes a multitude of witchcraft powers, including energy transference, form-shifting, the ability manipulate the elements, charm spells, curse spells, spells for wealth, spells for healing, spells for love.  Of course, there's always that staple ability to-- the ability raise the dead and to breath life into dead bodies and inanimate objects.  These are the powers that will come to you when you purchase this piece.  They are very powerful and have been tested over and over again to assure their duality.  This will not affect you are anyone negatively. 

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