I don't know what she is,genie,djinn,angel or white witch but it really doesn't matter. We have her name and it is Tatiana Broddini. I got her at an auction of s haunted house in New Jersey. I did not think too much about it other then my curiosity which is always on.  The reason I got her was to add her to my staircase as a molding. She is made of pure heavy metal of some sort and I'm not sure what she is made of. I know that after I got her I began to see a new woman in my house in spirit form. I asked her name and she told me and then she asked me what I wanted. I was thinking what does she want??

As a joke I said I needed some spare change and then it dropped from the air. I have had that happen many times so it was nothing new to me. I asked her again what did she want and she said her child died up in the top bedroom. Now this is impossible since her item,the statue your looking at did not come from my house but came from another house in New Jersey. Thinking WTH I went upstairs and followed her. I went into the last bedroom and it looked as it always did and then it changed and looked like the one bedroom in New Jersey where the auction was held. So everything had changed!  In the bedroom I saw a child laying on the bed dressed in gray color clothes with bare feet and a red face.  I touched her head and she was hot and wet,I knew she was dying. She asked me to help her,not the child but Tatiana.  I told her to move to the white light only if she saw one and she said yes. I asked Tatiana hold old she was,not the child but her and she said she only died about 20 years ago! I'm now fully confused but again that is nothing new in the world of the supernatural.

It seems that Tatiana died in the New Jersey house,adopted the ghost child either while alive or in death,not sure and began to look after her. Tatiana will not stay with the piece and help those with what they ask for,fast! When the owner of the statue dies he or she will be able to come back and help those that need it and then Tatiana will move on. You are not obligated but it will be offered to you.

In more testing we have seen her openly in the house and have asked her help on various things. She helps every time single time.  A friend of mine was getting a divorce and now they are not and they are happy. One lady I knew was cheating and that is not going on anymore. One person had a long time past life curse going on and Tatiana was able to remove it because she can move on both sides. I asked her to help me with one Djinn and she did. We could not get him to do anything and it was because he wanted an offering of freaking vodka!!  I have even had help in locating dog food! Long story on that one!

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