The Chancellor of Germany seems like a pretty well-put-together woman, doesn't she.  She is the first female Chancellor of Germany and has been since 2005.  She is the first female chair of her affiliated political party.  The people love her... they really love.  I hope you got the reference.  Either way, looking at her track record would provide that she is a very, very successful woman, perhaps a little too successful.  She had led her country in times of need and has built its economy up to be the single-handed most powerful economy in the European Union as well as all of Europe.  Records indicate that Germany has about $257.1B in it's back account.  In stark comparison the next country on the list is Russian, coming in at $74.8B.  This means that Germany has just about 3.5 times the amount of money as their next closest competitor.  I'm not saying this is a bad thing, but doesn't it ever make you wonder, "how?"  
There's really no point in jumping around with this one, so I'm going to cut straight to the chase.  It is no secret that during the Second World War and probably even the first, Germany's track record was less than sterling.  During WWII a genius madman used his intelligence to persuade the people of Germany that he was the right choice.  He rose to power and crushed his competition.  During his tenure he tortured and murdered innocent people, most of them Jews, because had some psychological problem that convinced him that Jews were the cause of all that was bad in the world.  He decided to that he was going to exterminate the Jews at all cost.  I'm not saying that what Hitler did to the Jews was right, but doesn't it ever occur to you that there was more to the story?  
Having been a genius Hitler was worried about more things than simply winning a war.  Yeah, he wanted to the win the war; however, he's not dumb.  He knew that the war was the perfect opportunity to advanced the projects that he had been working on for years.  See, Hitler was always a nationalist and in his opinion Germany should rule the world-- under his tenure.  What most people do not know is that Hitler had an association with Jews when he was growing up.  It is even possible that he was part Jew.  Maybe that has something to do with his hatred for them, maybe it doesn't.  I'm not sure.  What I do know is that if you do your research and put the pieces together, young Adolf was given lessons in Gnosticism.  This shows through in many things that he has done and/or said in his adult life.  The easy way to define Gnostic principles is to say that it is Judeo-Christianity with a magical.  They believe in all sorts of magic and esoteric truths, even to the point in becoming your own man-God, such as Christ did when he came to Earth.  
Considering all facts, it should come as no surprise that Hitler was very into the occult.  I mean, we have stated this time and time again and his magic is the subject of many of our items.  This one, however, puts a whole new spin on the scenario.  You've all heard of WewelsburgCastle.  This is where Hitler and Himmler teamed up to conduct many experiments on the Jews.  This is what I meant when I said Hitler saw opportunity in exterminating the Jews.  Not only could he get rid of them, but he could also retain some of them for secret exploits and experiments.  These are considered war crimes to people who know better, but to him it was all part of coming to terms with the magic that he was taught as a young child.  
The place that you've probably never heard of is called the Round House.  The Round House was a building in rural Netherlands that was undertaken by Hitler during the Second World War.  Wewelsburg has always been his prized possession, his stomping ground of sorts.  The Round House, in comparison, was the place he went to conduct his most secret experiments.  It was within the confines of Round House where Hitler kept his most prized possession.  It is one of the original Necronomicon that was penned by the elders of magick.  It has been passed down from generation to generation.  It is the same Necronomicon that Aleister Crowley once taught out of and the one that inspired H.P. Lovecraft to incorporate it into his literary work.  With it you can summon any dark magic that you want, but Hitler was always a bit, shall we say, off.  Most geniuses are.  The thing that is that they usually excel in one thing or another and completely lack logical sense in all other areas of life.  This is the case with Hitler.  He was a magick and wartime genius.  The rest of his life's actions were sub par.  In fact, he loved hookers so much that he eventually caught syphilis.  
Hitler spent a ton of time studying past war generals and learning from their battle techniques.  He held these warriors and heroes in the highest esteem.  This is where he came up with his brilliant idea.  Instead of simply researching and studying legends from the past, why not bring them to life.  He used his Necronomicon to develop a pact with the Lord of the Dead.  I don't know what price he paid, what I can tell you is that in exchange for the price he paid, he was given the exclusive ability to summon any person from the dead that he chose.  He used this ability to summon the likes of Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte, Attila the Hun, William the Conqueror and Vlad the Impaler.  I'd be lying if I said he didn't summon other presences such as Marie Antoinette to learn the best way to bring wealth to his country, and ElizabethBathory to gain even more dark powers, but he mostly summoned wartime heroes.  He learned form them and mimicked a lot of their techniques.  In fact, if he hadn't contracted syphilis from his whores and gone crazy, he most likely would have won the war.  Fate had other things in mind, but it is only a matter of time before Germany once again takes the world by surprise.  
The reason I say this is because word of the Necronomicon somehow caught the air.  The threat was serious enough to Germany's leaders that in 1967 the Round House was razed to the ground.  The Book of the Dead was moved to another secret confines and is used till this very day by Germany's leaders, including Angela Merkel.  The likelihood of anybody ever admitting to this is precisely ZERO.  Another thing that the leaders in Germany will refuse to admit is that their time is coming.  As we speak, they are assembling what they call the Fourth Reich.  They are operating in a secret bunker, probably beneath Berlin, but I cannot say for sure.  They are training soldiers and preparing for battle.  The time has not yet come, but the time is coming.  Why do you think Angela Merkel is shying away from the E.U., using Syrian Immigrants as her platform?  It's because Germany has been planning to stage a takeover and the little battle going on between Russia and the United State is only hiding their rise to prominence once again.  
What the Germans fail to realize is that you can raze the building, but you can't delete the energy from all the magic that has been done there.  This is where we capitalized.  We sent a team of investigators to the Netherlands to exhume the power from where the Round House used to stand.  As such, the power was set into this piece.  This piece allows you the same ability that Hitler made for himself.  It is not a dark piece or a light piece.  It is a dual piece.  With it, you reserve the ability to raise any presence from the dead.  You can use this to raise war generals like Hitler, or Egyptian Pharaohs to learn the magic of the ancients.  You can use it raise the presence of loved ones or of people you find interesting.  You can use it to raise people that have magic powers and command them to give you their abilities.   You can use this piece for whomever and however you choose.  There are absolutely no restrictions placed on the way that you use it.     
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