A TINY BOOK OF HEAVENLY POWER Sometimes big things come in small packages,like with this piece of divinity. This little cAtholic book hides secrects inside of it. This is very old but has held up well with what looks like to be made out of that very old stuff and for somem reason the name is slipping from my mind. No big surprise there! Anyway in the back it is highlighted and one section goes over the saints and the other is you asking to be taken care of in all ways. This section means to give holy service,blessings,to become a benefactor of financial resource,to be delivered from evil and all kinds of things. This book of religious reading was blessed and given to a lady named Mary from Saint Peters School in Pa. This book has traveled to all the holy sites including many you have not heard of to become her book of miracles. Things this book has been used for- Healing of the terminal, Helping the poor to become self sufficient, healing the emotional unstable, To heal a marriage, To seek work that provides for the entire family, For safety in travel, To hear the words of God and the Saints, To allow the Saints to help you in what you need, To remove demons and black magic, To stop the torture of beings form other places, To remove conflict in life, To allow for a loyal partner in love and business, to keep the family together, various miracles when no one else thought they could happen. This is a wonderful piece of divinity that you can use for yourself and share with others making the world a better place.
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