We got these from an old Indian man who as a tip got these instead of cash. The lady that gave them to him felt he had gone above and beyond to help her out with her luggage and setting up a nice dinner date for her inside her room,complete with flowers. That is all I can tell you about the lady that gave them to Fecis,the man that used to own these. She was very wealthy and didn't know Fecis at all,she just gave them to him,end of story. Her used them for a week on his off time in the casino and wished that he would win and he did. He then thought how nice it would be to get a nice wife and settle down,upon that wish he meet a women about 2 weeks later and they are now married and happy. Now you might think that this could have happened anyway but that is not the case because when Fecis was little his mother intentionally burnt his face on the stove. The entire right side of his face is burnt off leaving him a little,well a lot actually,looking scary. These things have never bothered me but for some people all that matters if looks. Because of this Fecis never had even a girlfriend and at this time he is still a virgin,or was and was in his 30's. He realized that the dice were not meant for mere wealth,NO! These are the roll of the dice in life. You have no need to roll them but they change your life for the better. They make you comfortable,no worries on bills or pleasure. They make you get in life what you want by changing the roll of the dice you were given. To be honest after much testing this is not just a magical item by any means but an energy that taps into your soul so that you and the energy will get what you need and want. This is one of the deepest of levels,this is a life changer. All we know is that there is something angelic or with angelic power inside this piece. It takes your desires and your ambitions and makes them real,brings them to life in the physical form. One of the testers wanted a woman they could not have and because of this they did not get her. Her intentions were stronger then his,in later thought they realized that why have something that doesn't want you? Why make yourself look the fool? After realizing this they decided to give it a chance at another woman. They did not pick one out but had an idea of how they wanted her to look. They also wanted a job that made them happy and paid them well. They got both with in 4 months! My last tester was a female on the forum that used these. They wanted out of the marriage they have with their husband. He was abusive and kept all the money. he gave her nothing for her child or household. I'm not sure if she posted yet but she wanted him gone to where he could hurt no one and to where she would be okay financially. He was just called into the military and it looks like he will be in there for a few years. In the mean time she got a relative to live in her house who watches the baby for her and she got a great job,full time with all the benefits she needs. On top of that she met a lady there that knew of a free legal aid place and she is divorcing with a restraining order,and won a lottery worth 5,000 which is not a lot of money but her entire life has turned around! I really like this piece and even holding them I get a very warm and good feeling about them.
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