Did you ever just want something when you wanted it with no charging needed. You might have wanted something older because the power is much better. You maybe just want to snap your fingers and that is it. I have it.

This is piece is lighting your way to magic. Simple and yet extremely powerful this supernatural little item will do the trick.
This is a antique match holder but it was owned by a REAL wizard who's sorcery was always unleashed and ready with a flick of his fingers.
Do you want to cast a spell using fire? Do you seek love or marriage,magical mind blowing power? Then for the first time it is simple.
Fill your match safe with matches,let them sit for 12 hours and you are good to go. Take one out,light it and before it burns speak your desire. That is it!
There is not much more to say except what we know it has been used for. This item for one thing is dual. 
You want that guy to suffer who screwed you over? Light the match and say anything you wish. A good example would be "let the punishment fit the crime"
Do you need cash for that mortgage? Light the match and say pay my bills!
The usage is simple,the magic is powerful!
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