Time travel.  It's something that everybody has thought about at one point in time or another, right?  I mean, who wouldn't want to go back in time and change this or that?  Maybe you want to go back in time and stay away from the sleazy ex who drug you through the mud.  Maybe you'd go back and get better grades in school so that way you can make something of your life.  Maybe you are perfectly content with your life and you want to go back in time and visit Mary, Queen of Scots?  Off with your head!  Whatever the case may be, most people who say that they've never at least thought about time travel are lying.  They have, they just don't want to admit it, because they don't want to sound crazy.  
If you are one of the skeptics who doesn't believe in such time-travel, then I ask you to take into consideration this piece, which is the physical embodiment of the powers that belonged to one Andrew Carlssin.  Don't know Andrew?  Allow me to give you a little "insider information."  
Andrew was the Wall Street Whiz who had it all.  He built a fortune of over $350 Million dollars in just two weeks, with an investment of merely $800.  Seems insane right?  Well the FBI and the Security and Exchange Commission thought so, as well. They hauled Andy in on charges of "insider-trading."  
Authorities claim that every trade that Andrew made capitalized on unexpected business developments.  The FBI and SEC stated that these earnings could not have been the result of chance, coincidence, or luck.  They said that the only way he could have possibly pulled that off was with illegal information.  They claimed that if a company's stock rose due to a merger or technological breakthrough, Andrew somehow knew about it in advance.  They sent him toRikers Island until he agreed to give up his sources.
When Mr. Carlssin's accuser took him in for questioning, they got quite a bit more than what they bargained for.  Instead of Andy telling them who gave him their information, he insisted that he was from the future.  He told them everything that he had done in a long and drawn out four hour confession.  He explained to those who intended to indict him that he was from the future-- about 200 years into the future.  He said that being from the future allowed him to know which companies and deals would succeed and which would not.  He said he wanted to make himself look less conspicuous by winning her and losing there, but he simply got caught up in the moment.  In exchange for leniency he offered to divulge the secrets for the cure to AIDS and the whereabouts of Osama Bin Laden.
Despite his accurate description of the future, officials declined to believe Andy.  They looked up his records and couldn't find any record of his existence pre-dating the year 2002.  The feds were ready to prosecute him, set a date, and then he just up and disappeared.  Oh, of course the government couldn't have this and they found a near look-a-like to play the part of Andy for a public show.  They never want to be wrong, but the fact remains that this case has them scratching their heads.  But not us.  During a summoning ritual, we called Andrew Carlssin up.  We lauded his ability to make so much money in such a short amount of time and asked us if there was anything that he could do for us.  He agreed that if we didn't tell anybody about how we got ahold of him, you know, like the details of how we summoned him, he would make us a piece.  This piece, he said, is an ancient magic that was just discovered by a breakthrough on a fourth Great Egyptian Pyramid.  He said that it would solve the mysteries of Antarctica.  He didn't really go into details about all this, he just said that it was from the Fourth Egyptian Pyramid.  We didn't argue, but he did guarantee us that unless we had the ability to maintain immortality, we would not see the year this discovery came to be.  We just tucked it away for another one of our time travel investigations and let him make this piece for us. 
This piece embodies the magic that Andrew Carlssin used to time travel to the past from the future.  This magic really does come from the fourth pyramid and will allow you time travel back and forth into time at your own free will.  The reason it will let you travel into the future is because it's from the future, even though it's technically from the past.  I know it sounds complicated, don't question it.  It lets you travel as far into the future as you choose and as far back into the past as you choose.  You can even travel to different cycles of time or into the times of parallel dimensions.  It's crazy the things you will discover and the powers you will unveil while traveling to different times to see how they do thing or to experience their magic.
Additionally, this piece gives you a extreme wealth power that was made by Andy using this same energy.  It's another reason why he was able to travel back from the future to be able to become so fabulously wealth in a matter of two weeks.  That's seriously insane.  Now, I'm not guaranteeing you will have $350 mills in two weeks.  You have to remember that Andy was also from the future and knew exactly what he was doing.  He had a plan.  However, I can guarantee that this piece is going to bring you a massive amount of wealth.  You just have to make sure that you are ready for it when it is ready to come to you!!  Enjoy this wealth, you deserve it!   
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