A Galaxy of Their Own and You're Invited

After Eisenhower made a deal with the aliens, to allow them to stay as long as they'd like, the aliens had to begin giving up gifts of their own.  Why these aliens wanted to remain on Earth so bad is far and beyond me.  I mean, yeah we live in a pretty beautiful world, but there has to be more to it.  Anyway, that is for another time and another discussion.  What we are concentrating on is something entirely different.  We are focusing on the gifts that were given to the American government as a result of the agreement to allow the aliens to remain on Earth.  There are a host of different bargaining chips that the aliens brought to the table, because contrary to popular belief, as portrayed in movies like Independence Day, the aliens didn't hold the ability to blow our world up.  I'm not saying that there aren't entities out there that could do that, I'm just saying not these ones.  They were somewhat "normal" if you want to call them that.  
Either way, an entire collection of these items were given to the United States' government.  Most of them were sent to Area 51 for observation and testing.  This is how we ended up with this piece.  I don't know if they are miss the piece and honestly I don't care.  The fact is that we have connections inside of Area 51 that has brought us this piece, as well as many excellent pieces before.  They will never figure out who it is and even if they do, what are they going to do?  Fire him?  I highly doubt that is ever going to happen.  Either way, he is the one that delivered this piece to us for testing.  
It took a little while for the testing on this piece to make any kind of real sense to us.  We were expecting some kind of entity to pop out or maybe there was a power that was placed into the item by an entity.  What we eventually found out, we would have never guessed.  Inside of this piece there is a shrunken, but fully functioning realm of existence.  The name of this existence as well as several figures from the realm of existence have been etched into the glass, but don't bother trying to make any sense of the etching because they are extremely difficult on the eyes.  
During testing, this piece gave us the ability to leave our bodies in astral form and travel to the realm.  I'm not going to give out the name of the realm, but you will receive when you use this piece to travel to it.  Either way, in this shrunken realm, everything exists.  Perfectly normal existence that doesn't even know that they have been shrunken.  They have no idea what's going on on the outside, kind of like Horton hears a Who.  They are in their own little world.  
When you travel there, you will be amazed to find out exactly how advanced they are.  They have buildings called healing stations that you can go to if you have received any type of injury. It locks you in and blasts you with white light energy until you are completely healed.  They have oracles that can predict the future and change it.  They even have pyramids just like the ones that exist on the face of Earth.  These pyramids are respected as the great ancient power hubs, the receptacles of the powers of the universe.  People go to these receptacles in order to use the energies to make whatever powers and abilities or magic they need.  People there exist in peace, not really bearing ill-will towards each other at all.  They just go on about their business.  They travel hovercraft that travel along leylines that have been laid in place specifically for this purpose... And they are all immortal.  Not a one of them dies.  There is no worries because their realm doesn't just exist it is alive.  It expands to accommodate for a growing population.  Again, you can thank the pyramid power receptacles for this technology.  
It is a very strange and different experience, but the alternate realm that is held in this item is very powerful and so are the entities that exist there.  They are sort of humanoid, but they are very welcoming.  Do not allow their appearance to startle you.  With this piece, you will be allowed to visit the realm as one of the beings.  You will be able to visit the pyramid receptacles and gain any and all powers that you need or want.  You can bring these powers back with you to the mortal realm.  They will be just as powerful here as they are there.  It doesn't matter what kind of power or ability you are looking for, these pyramids will create them for you.  The beings here are gracious enough to allow you to continue to visit the place as many times as you need to as you discover the need for more powers and abilities.  You can also interact with them.  Who knows, maybe you'll never want to leave!!    
A Galaxy of Their Own and You're Invited
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