If you want to know your future,bring love,create a Gnome or bless yourself with greatness and wealth then this is the piece for you!
These are sterling silver spoons that are long. They are heart shapped on the ends and you can drink from them as well.
To use these spoons you first decide what you want and then get yourself any type of tea you like. Take a glass and place the tea inside,you can use a tea ball if you like. Some of the leaves will still get loose and that is all you need. You will then stir the tea and sugar it if you wish and then drink.
Before you drink you may be interested to say gain a lover,make more money,take care of some health issue or create your own Gnome. The lady that does these has a passion for Gnomes and has always found them helpful. But with these your going to create and name your own.
To gain a psychic ability that is through visions and also dreams you just make the tea and drink it. If your looking for love you will add the tea as noted,drink and then go to bed after tossing the tea leaves outside. If your wanting a helpful Gnome to bring protection and wealth you would drink your tea and plant a seed using the spoon to dig a very small hole. Basically all you need to do is move some soil,one spoon is all you need. You may plant any seed in a pot inside your home. At the time it sprouts you are to name your Gnome. The next day you will have one. You should also state what attributes you want in your Gnome and if you want a male or female.
So to sum this up you can get wealth,psychic visions and if you know how to read tea leaves that as well. To bless yourself with the things you want in life you just make the tea using your spoon and then drink it all,that is it.
The magic is in the Sterling and it is very potent. These Spoons are the only thing that Valerie makes and has been doing them for years. You may have seen her website where they sell for over 400.00. She is a friend of mine for around 8 years and we get together once a year and create a few things. This year it was my turn to do a few custom pieces for her and in return I got these. Take advantage of these because if you look her up you will see that she sells them for 400.00! Because we do a trade I can offer them to you for way less then that and keep in mind they are all sterling.
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