This item is so powerful that telling the story behind it would just be wasting time. Instead I'm going to tell you everything it can do and WILL do for you. First this holds a holding cast right on the item,nothing can ever go away and all things are granted to you. Here is a list. 1- you become am Ascended master which is simple terms means you are educated and learn EVERYTHING! You have reached the 6th gate of life and can do anything. 2- There is a Djinn in here and he is totally under your control with out malice or envy. 3- You have become Lord of the World which means you have been given the 9th initiation,the highest you can get on this Earth,this existence. This is the same power that an antichrist would have except that yours is all white light. 4-Reality hacking,this gives you the ability to bend the law of physics and create what you wish,when you want it. 5-Tantric sex in full swing. This means that even if you have problems with sex or orgasm you will no longer have those issues. Your mind and body will allow for a full sexual transformation. 6-Evocation of wealth. This is not something you do but will have done for you when you obtain this piece. This is a full wealth transformation. 7- Youth with desire. This is the ending of the age of dying and the end of decay. This brings to you skin with no flaw,beauty and sends primal energy out to others of pure desire. This piece is the one we are offering at this price. This is an amazing and unusual piece. To use this there is no praying,no offerings,no rituals at all. You will need to wear this piece or keep it on your persons for 3 days. At the end of that 3 days you will need to take off the back of the item which does remove and place a small piece of your hair inside. Then continue to wear for another 4 days,after that you are good to go. Do not miss out on this piece!
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