This is another one of my most impressive pieces. I got this from a man that was going on ancestry.com to find out his history. I met with him because I was looking up a name and he was too. You can leave messages for people and he responded.

He said that the woman I was looking for was part of his family tree and that through research he found really strange things about that side of the family. He said that from what he heard she belonged to a dark and secret organization that only a elect few knew about.

Already I'm excited because I have a piece with her image but couldn't make out what was around the locket until I pulled out my spy scope to have a better look. There was no writing on it at all instead there was a half bat,half wolf on the front of the locket. In the inside was her image burned into glass. I did so much research on this and couldn't find a thing until this week. What I found was this.


it is very rare to see the hybrid locket today,these were only given to the most powerful of werehounds and vampyr combined. This ancient society was thrust upon the land when the vampyr known as Lucifer's chosen few. Lucifer in this light does not mean the Christian view but the view of vampyr in the light. Able to with- stand the sun upon his or her face and hold the power of the Noah. These few remaining lockets that travel to those who will use them for the power they contain can reach immortality,provocative sexuality and the power to change a human's will at thought. Wise is the man who holds this power in his hands. Proving the power is relatively easy. The locket will have the bat and werehound combined on the front. The locket should be made of brass or copper,never in sterling or gold. The inside will hold the image of the werehound burned into the glass. In those times the subject had to remain in the sun for 30 minutes so that the photo would gain exposure. This was the badge that they had become one and that power had merged.

After speaking the man from Ancestry.com he had told me that it was said that in her early years Millicent could not go into the Sun and had a rare disease. This disease made th e villagers around her very weary and ostracized the family.

Now of course I'm excited by such a rare and unusual find because it proves to me that there are things in this world that people just have no idea about. I began to work with her as in document the activity and it was GREAT!!!.

I ended up at a party that I viewed from traveling back into time. I saw the decadence the lavish lifestyle that we are often told did not exist in those times,well it did! It did for those that had money but they did not have to be a part of royalty or anything like that. The superstitions of old were created by the fear these people felt. The fear being present due to the sometimes but rare killings,things that could not be explained. Pheasants that ate meat and licked the fingers of the person sitting next to them,that bone sucking juice from a meaty bone. I saw the true lifestyle of this rare breed of being. How the original came to be I'm unsure of at this time but I do know that they are not animals nor evil as some say. It seems to me that all senses are magnified and heightened to a point of all of them being a pleasure.

Speaking to Millicent I learned she is powerful as even her photo suggests and that her power is not transferable but rather shared and given to you freely. You decide what you want but you will not need to drink blood but will enjoy meat greatly. The power and abilities you gain are mainly everything you have heard about and want. There is nothing bad about what you gain. There is a chance that you may get contacted by this group once or if you decide to change. You do not have to change,that is up to you to decide.

This is one of my most exciting items,proof that these things do exist,not that I didn't have that before but to find a society that has been kept hidden for so long. The lavishness of the lifestyle is amazing.
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