This is one of the most unique Oiuja boards and planchettes I have come across. It has a very interesting story behind and oh what it can do!


First of all as with all things of this time period as we began in the US to mass market things were put together and,well you know sold. But this Ouija board does have a story.You see there are real swami's and they can do miracles. If you look at boards today they will all say goodbye at the end and that is because a board MUST be closed out,just like a sacred circle must. If not your opening a portal and your not closing it.


 In the day of this board made at 666 lake shore drive in Chicago there was a hidden agenda. You see a secret organization of evil set out to create open portals using children because of their natural ability to bring forth the spirit world. This is why it was marketed as a toy with no goodbye. Also look at the address as well.... leaves a lot to be thought about.


This was THE board used in the little boy who was possessed in Virginia,the real exorcist. After that incident this was given away which to be honest has always baffled me due to the charges that this is what caused his possession. You would think the board would be burned if not then at least locked away with some kind of binding to remove the evil or close the portal. Either way something should have been done.


As time went by the board has changed hands with the same story of the THIS IS the board that caused the exorcist!!! Finally coming to a private auction of a collector of all things strange I got it. I actually got this the same time I got the Candy Jones tracking device built for her by the CIA and also a fishing lure tracker used to spy on the Russians. That is not up for sale because I'm still trying to pull the info off. Also at that same auction I got a few copiers that hold some documents that would turn your hair white. I have read them and authenticated them as best I can and when I type that info up on the forum,I don't know what your reaction will be. I can tell you though that IS a hidden and well planed agenda for not just the US but for all the planet.


As for this board someone,the kast owner got a clue and took it to a real swami,a seer who could mystify and empower. With all that was done evil it was now time to do nothing but good.


So now you may contact the dead and always close the portal when your done,it will happen automatically. The dead MUST tell the truth and can not lie. You may not contact anyone and ask for a wish and it will be granted and you may do this over and over again. While the board can not to bad it can bring forth any spirit you ask but they are bound and must answer honestly. With this board the possibilities are endless for knowledge and wish granting.


As for the planchette is gives you a power that is electrical and charges you,YOUR abilities and holds the spirit of an indian guide. You will forever use this and enjoy it. Also if your one of the people that collect haunted dolls or have djinn or other creates you can communicate with them through this. All you do is sit the piece in the room while you use the board.

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