360 Degrees A Mason

I know at Haunted Curiosities we can seem like we are obsessed with sacred geometry sometimes.  Well, I wouldn't really use the word possessed because possession usually describes some sort of obsession, which we do not have.  However, we are really into though.  Why?  Because everything that exists does so in geometric form.  Everything that happens or exists can be determined or figured out usually a numerical equation-- hours in a day, months in a year, a year equals one solar orbit, so on and so forth.  If you look really closely at how the energies of sacred geometry all work together, its sort of like our existence is like God's Rolex.  We never need batteries because he built us with a source of divine white magic and the secret truths behind sacred geometry.  

The ancients were sky watchers and they were able to figure these things out.  They were able to tell how the stars worked together to give off energy that propelled orbits from other planes.  The fact that our Earth oscillates the PERFECT number of times per day keeps us on our planet, not wondering out in space with no oxygen or laying scrunchled up like a pancake on the ground under the weight of too much gravity.  Our own bodies are laid out pretty much in a symmetric form.  You can graph a human being into four quadrants and their energy points will be equally distributed in each quadrant at different parts of their body.  It pretty much mirrors itself whether you are doing left and right hemispheres or top and bottom.  Our own sacred geometry works in conjunction with the Earth's, works in conjunction with the solar system, works in conjunction with God's divine white powers, provides divine white light awakening, provides a wealth of knowledge.  The latter also relinquishes a person from their physical prison, allowing them to exist metaphysically-- without form or geometry, to exist in true form, as both Christ and God do, as a free being.  It  allows you to experience the actual energy flow of life, apart from mortality.

The question, then, is who has the answers to the riddles of sacred geometry.  There are so many combinations and possibilities to the way things are laid out on Earth or within ourselves or the orbits of those things we find in the solar system.  Each combination gives a power or an ability.  There are so many possible combinations of the way things can fit together like smaller pieces of the whole, it may seem like conquering such knowledge is improbably, if not impossible all together.  Well my friends, I am here to tell that with God all things are possible-- and in this case extremely likely.  Have you ever heard of a group called the Freemasons?  Well if you haven't allow me to introduce them to you.  On the surface, they are nothing more than a group of business minded people who have banded together to make some money.  Seems pretty legit right?  Well, there's more to the Masons than face value.  I mean, they didn't get their all-seeing eye of wisdom on the back of the dollar bill for nothing. In fact, our whole country was built on the powers and magic of Masonic magic and sacred geometry.  Washington DC itself sits atop a series of secret shapes and symbols, but that for a different story time, my friends.

The Masons, as I call them for short, are actually the beneficiaries of ancient mystery schools of alchemy.  It originated back in the day with King Solomon.  He was commissioned by god to build a Temple for worship.  He did so according to specification given to him by God so that the temple would also serve as a place Solomon could come to and receive all the magical ability he had ever wanted.  Anybody who know anything about King Solomon knows that this man LOVES him some magic.  In fact, he loved it so much that he decided to build more Temples.  In fact, he built three of them on the record.  Who knows how many he built of the record.  I don't.  Anyhow, the secret diagrams that he used to build his Temples were taught to his pupils in mystery schools that he set up in ancient times.  From here the magic was passed along and passed along and passed along.  Eventually, people began catching on to the powers of these "secret temples."  Later down the line, the magic was formally introduced to members masquerading as business leaders, who relied on nothing more than the mere powers of modern day temples, called Lodges.  These lodges became the homes of the Mystery School descendants, who eventually banded themselves together under the alias, the Freemasons.    

This Bible is a secret code book of the Freemasons.  It contains hidden art, secret passages, decoded messages and the like, all of which will give you secret combinations of energies to create your own Masonic powers. Each textual passage, each beautifully illustrated picture will give you the secret to unlocking a new power or ability.  Together, these powers will bring you the secrets of sacred geometry, giving you the mind map of God and his eternal and divine source of pure, white magic upon which he found all of existence and made it work together.  In the Bible these powers are referred to as, "the waters".  God divided the waters to make existence.  If everything that you have ever known or seen, or heard of is a reproduction of these powers in different combinations and codes, then you literally have the apex of creation and magic right at your finger tips with this book.  Why?  Because it gives you every secret and every knowledge that there ever was to have.  It gives you timeless information from a point where there was no time-- it wasn't even created.  This book will first give you enlightenment that will elevate you to the level of a 360 Degree Mason-- we don't mess with the 3, 13, and 33 shit-- we go right in for the kill.  You will be able to leave your physical confines behind, to exist as God does and to know all his secrets.  This is the epitome of knowledge-- the apex of the magical summit that you crave and desire! 

360 Degrees A Mason
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