These pieces have been made from a magic that was found in Wat Lanka, during the unearthing of over 100 urns.  They were found in a hidden alcove and are believed to be left behind at the Sihanouk Boulevard pagoda during the chaos before the Khmer ROuge took over the in 1975.  The urns, subsequently have been left unclaimed for some 40 years, perhaps longer and each contains the ashes of a deceased person, naturally.  

The urns are made of stone, clay, and bronze and some are in glass boxes with photos of the deceases.  Some are wrapped in decaying white cloth.  Some have labels, some do not; but the government in Cambodia plans on returning the urns to those who should rightfully own them.  It is the right thing to do.  

The magic within these pieces does not come from the fact that there were 100 souls amassed and hidden together.  Rather, it comes from the protection rights that were given to these souls before they were hidden.  I have told you before that each time a soul is born on earth, anddjinni is born in the Realm of Djinn.  These djinn do not often make an appearance on Earth unless there is some sort of portal opening, or they are sent for.  In this case it was the latter.  Before they sealed of the hiding spots of their loved ones, the chamber where the urns were kept were sealed close with the protection of 100 djinn-- 1 for each of the dead bodies' ashes that were stored here.  

Now, that the chamber has been opened and there is no need for protection under the new government, who plans on returning the urns to the rightful owners, the djinn have been summoned into several pieces.  There are four pieces all together.  Each one of them contain 25 djinn.  Each of these djinn has the ability to grant you one eternal wish, for a total of 25 eternal wishes.  For instance, if you wish for love, this djinn will in charge of making sure you gain true love for the rest of your life; not just once and done.  If you wish for wealth, you will have wealth for your entire life.  Again, not just once and done.  

We got these pieces from Adita, who was sent in to help investigate when the makeshift burial site was opened.  They didn't know she was also a paranormal investigator, so she got away with recognizing the djinn for what they were and collecting them accordingly.  Your djinn each come with 25 names that way you can call them by name when you are invoking your wishes.  You can use your wishes as quickly or as spaced out as you'd like.  There are no limits to what they can do, and they will never stop working for you!

To use these Djinn you only need to open their homes. There are 7 homes with 7 different types of Djinn. Yes you do get 25 djinn but 7 types. They are as listed.
Unlimted Wish Djinns
God Djinns
Niburu Planetary Djinn which are very ancient,beyond our Earths age.
The Djinn of Aquarius
The body bonding Djinns, These are those that can blend with your body and have you act as a djinn with out having to ask for anything.
Pure wealth Djinn,this means they only do wealth,nothing else. They are called Royal or King Djinn.
Last you have the King Solomon Dual Djinn,these are adept at all magic,not just granting of wishes or giving you what you want but ALL MAGIC.
To activate your Djinn you will need to open the homes and you place a little incense ash into each house. Look carefully at the pictures so you can see what I mean. These are the vessels.
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