20 Dollar January sale 5

20 Dollar January sale 5

This one is all about the sex! Clitoral ring of fire. But this is not just for women, you can use it on your man too! Think of his penis as a giant Clitoris and he will thank you from the bottom of his toes, or balls!

Don't be shy, we make no judgement and everyone has a right to have fun. I have a 83 year old lady who buys so many of my sex items it's not funny. She loves them so much she wants me to run them all by her before I place them on. Give something new a try. For now how does this work?

First of all everyone can wear these rings, they are stretch metal adjustable and made well, not of cloth. That goes for all the 20 dollar sale items on today.

To make this one work you will need to wear it. You wear it on whatever finger you wish and your clitoris will reach a burning desire of fire that will have you exploding and screaming even if your not a screamer, you will be now.

Why does this work when some people can't have an orgasm?

There is a relaxant in this piece. It is a spirit of no face so no one is looking at you, no fears. You lose yourself in spirit and you feel nothing but your sexual desire, no hang ups and no insecurity. Because of this you can now do sex magic if that is something your into. Do do sex magic if you so wish you must be able to lose yourself, become spirit and have an orgasm. This piece is not for that but it will work for that very easily.

Have fun! We know you will!

20 Dollar January sale 5
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