First I want to say that we are very sorry for the delay in these. The delay was caused by people with various DNA and brain waves due to the DNA strands they hold. All that we did would not work on everyone. Which is why we know that not all these chakra fixes work on everyone. No one took into account that we are all very different and that some of us are seeded here! Because of this it took a while to get these done to where everyone could benefit from them. This is the 15th Chakra which is for abundance,wealth and beauty. This is also the Tiphareth which is the center of the tree of life. In the tree of life nothing is hideous and all is beautiful and all things that need them have abundance,in this case wealth. These Chakra's being tuned and repaired mean that your looks actually change and you have all you want and need because it is simply your will to do and have these things. Some Chakra's will require incense if that is the case we will let you know.
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