14k Lucky Jerry

This is Jerry and he is made of cystal and 14k yellow gold. He actually heats up to tell you which machine to play at a casino,which bingo card to pick and even when to play the scratch off. All you need to do is wear him.
I used him for Blackjack and Poker because that is what I like to play. I won so many games that you can give my name to the casino's and find out that yet again I'm not allowed back in. Those are the casino's in AC. So no need to go for broke! You can go and come home a winner. 
You know what I want to do with this? I want to go on the price is right and have them say 'COME ON DOWN IT'S A NEW CAR" I just want to spin the wheel!
Anyway I only have one Jerry and you better claim him while you can.
14k Lucky Jerry
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