First I want to say that we are very sorry for the delay in these. The delay was caused by people with various DNA and brain waves due to the DNA strands they hold. All that we did would not work on everyone. Which is why we know that not all these chakra fixes work on everyone. No one took into account that we are all very different and that some of us are seeded here! Because of this it took a while to get these done to where everyone could benefit from them. This is a different Chakra system called the Egyptian System. We had to do these for some of them because if you read above you know that not all work for all people. It is because of this that we had to go to the Egyptian system on some of them. This is the 11th Chakra and this one deals with the Christ Conscious,the full enlightenment and full understanding,healing and soul cleansing. YES,we know that all Chakra's must get repaired and aligned but the ones we are placing on now make the others easier and faster. Because there are so many of them the price is low so you can accomplish your goals. PLEASE DO US A FAVOR AND IN YOUR NOTES THROUGH PAYPAL LET US KNOW WHICH CHAKRA YOU ARE TREATING IN CASE I FORGOT TO CHANGE THE ITEM NUMBER. I KNOW I DID IT ON THIS ONE BUT NOT SURE IF I FORGOT THE OTHER ONE.
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