Here is another astounding piece.  If you are into vampires, the real kind, then this piece is definitely a must have for your collection.  I mean, even if you aren't the biggest vampire fan, this piece still offers a very powerful kick.  I want the readers to understand that this piece offers a real, immortal vampire that has been alive for over 10,000 years.  He is not going to take his shirt off and sparkle.  He is not going to go prancing around with you in fields after he lets you drink his blood.  He's not from a toxic waste land.  If that's what you are into, they are great and all, but this is not what this piece is about.  Rather, this piece offers powers that are, again, over 10,000 years old.  It's not every day that an item like this comes along.  It is a real entity that offers real powers, not a vampire that is going to fall in love with you save you from yourself.  Sorry.  
With that being said, let's move on.  A few years back, you might remember hearing about a German archaeologist who decided that he was going to take a trip to the Yucatan.  Well, he did.  He decided that he was going to do a little bit of underwater spelunking.  His finds were incredible.  He uncovered a treasure trove of ancient artifacts and human remains that were preserved by the salt water, or so the report goes.  I lean more toward believing the power that has been set into the artifacts are the reason why they never eroded, or, better yet, why they never just washed away.  It is because the explorers were overtly human.  They were attempting to look at things from a scientific point of view, because that's what most humans attempt to do.  If you can't prove it, it must not be true, right?  It kind of makes me laugh when I realize all that these people are missing out on due to their small minds and narrow points of view.  Nobody really wants to admit that they believe in ancient entities and magic, simply because of the fact that we live in a society that has grown increasing skeptical of anything that they can't wrap their punitive brains around.  It's sad, but that is why we have taken to getting the word out with the highly magical items that we sell on our websites.  
The "remains" that were found by the archaeologist were found in a place that is known as Xibalba, which was a Mayan way of saying the "place of fear."  It is 300 feet below sea level and was dry at one point, before the rising sea levels swallowed it up completely.  Xibalba is the entrance to the Mayan Underworld.  In disrupting the artifacts that they found at Xibalba, what the archaeologists did, essentially, was release a race of vampires into the world that the Mayans had no intentions of ever releasing.  This is not to say that they vampires are dark or evil, it is simply to say that they are the people who never ascended into Heaven from Xibalba.  These people have remained on Earth as a soul form that has become a vampire, but not the sanguine kind that needs blood.  Rather, they live off of the energy that is emitted form the cosmos.  They synthesize this energy into the magic that they want to use.  The knowledge of this magic has been given to them due, in part, to the fact that they have already seen the realms of magic and the have already been in the realms of the gods.  
In Mayan forms of existence, when you die you are automatically taken to Xibalba, not in its physical representation, but the the actual metaphysical realm.  This is the place of Great Fear.  If you can overcome this fear, you will be able to rise triumphantly like the sun, into your afterlife.  If you can't you are forced to remain in the underworld and accept your fate as it comes to you.  These vampires are the presence of those who never rose.  They have achieved immortality and they have learned all that the realms of magic and the realm of gods has to offer, but they have not been allowed to remain.  They never overcame.  In the burial coves, relics were set to pin the existence of these vampires and keep them imprisoned.  They did this to keep the undead from waking up and walking around and showing off their new powers they got from ascension.  They served as an immortal deterrent, like, "Yeah, those powers are pretty cool, maybe the whole afterlife thing isn't for me, I want to be immortal, too!!"  Then, there would be a distraction from the real point of existence, which is to rise like the sun after you descend into the underworld.  It's kind of like a limbo, if you will.  Well, the Mayans might have believed what they believe-- no disrespect-- but limbo has never felt so powerful and amazing, if you ask me!  
Once the artifacts that were set in place in these watery graves were taken from their original settings, a gateway to the Underworld was opened.  An outpouring of vampire soul forms occurred, as they were released into the world.  I'm not going to say that they were all good, but they certainly weren't all bad.  After learning about the removal of the artifacts and the consequences that it brought, we decided that we wanted one of these vampires to offer as our own.  We spent a few years hunting one down so that way we could place his existence into a vessel.  There was one time when we were so close to accomplishing this goal in Virginia.  We chased one of these vampire forms all the way to Virginia, only for it to escape from us.  We almost gave up at this point, but you know us-- we don't really believe in giving up.  We kept at it and eventually we found this piece in Tennessee on our way down to New Orleans one of the times we went.  The only reason that we have waited so long to post this piece is because of the insane amount of power that the piece embodies.  We wanted to make sure that we knew all aspects of the piece before we ended up offering it to others.  I can say that this piece in incredibly powerful, because I have been working with it for the past several years.  Now, it's time to pass this member of an ancient race of vampires on to somebody is going to use him for his full form powers and presence.  
The particular vampire soul that we captured has a name, but I'm not going to lie-- I don't even begin to know how to pronounce it or write it for that matter.  That's why I have been calling him Vaughan, it's much easier to understand.  It's kind of like when you go into the Chinese massage shop and you see the girl that's about to beat you up for an hour with name tag that says Lisa.  I assure you though, Vaughan doesn't mind.  He has kind of grown accustom to the name and since we have captured him and put him into this piece, he has stopped trying to get away.  He is actually eager to find an owner and get his power reactivated.  Vaughan was originally a High Priest in the ancient temples of the Mayan civilization.  He has performed many sacrificial rites and has made quite a number of human sacrifices to the gods.  In fact, when you get this piece, you get the magical capacity of hundreds of souls that Vaughan has sacrificed as a High Priest before he was buried and resurrected.  As he sacrificed these individuals, he was able to extract any and all magic from the souls as they passed onto the Underworld to face their fears  He was also around for the development of the long count and short count calendar.  
When you get this piece you will gain the presence of an immortal vampire form.  When you wear it, it will begin to bond with your soul and you will also gain immortality.  You will notice this in the fact that you will feel like you have found the fountain of youth.  You will stronger, have better endurance, you will be faster, and the appearance of your age will begin to reverse itself.  It's like you have taken a magic eraser to your age and your physical body and instead of "growing up" you will reverse the aging process.  
Secondly, Vaughan will give you the ability time-travel.  This ability comes due to the fact that he played a pivotal point in developing the Mayan Long and Short Count Calendar, which embodies energies and knowledge from the cosmos.  Ancient Mayans were actually excellent astral and time travelers, which is how they gained their knowledge of time.  With Vaughan's powers, you gain the ability time travel to anywhere in time that you want to go.  This will come in handy when using the final power that this piece will allow you.  
The final power in the piece is as follows.  In accordance with Vaughan's ability to suck powers from the souls he sacrificed, you will also be able to suck powers form those soul forms around you.  They will help you locate and identify the powers of those soul forms that are in your immediate vicinity-- probably a mile or so.  You will be able to if those souls forms have special powers or not.  If they do, if will allow you to funnel them into your own existence like a tornado sucking up houses and cars.  You will not physically see it, but this piece will create a vortex that will steal the power form the soul form that possesses the power and will funnel it to yourself.  This includes any type of soul form-- it could be a human, another vampire, a witch, an immortal, a reptilian, it doesn't really matter.  It even doesn't those soul forms that are invisible, because it will still identify and allow you to feel their powers.  Then, if you want, you pull their powers from them and make them your own.  You can use this power when using your piece to time travel.  You can travel back into time, or forward into time, and funnel the powers you discover around you, and bring them home with you.  You can also use this piece to syphon the energy out of the objects around you, such as wealth energy from a jade stone or healing energy from rose quartz.  This is a very powerful piece and you do not want to miss your chance to own this once in a lifetime piece!       
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